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PUBLISHED: 11:46 PM 9 Aug 2018

YouTube ‘Fact-Checking’ Climate Change Claims Using Wikipedia

Google is seen as helping the left push the faulty agenda once again with this move.

YouTube announced that it will begin fact-checking climate change videos using Wikipedia as a source.

If YouTube (now, sometimes referred to as “GoogleTube”) were to lecture the world on how to host videos, the world would be wise to listen. It is what they do and they do it well, for the most part. However, if the platform is yammering on about global warming “facts,” on what authority do they claim to know what the truth is? While its employees are tech-heads, not scientists, Buzzfeed News has just published an article showing that the tech giant is “adding fact checks to videos that question climate change.

That is like an automobile mechanic fact-checking a tightrope walker. Who is YouTube to insert themselves into videos as if they were some keeper of absolute knowledge? Even worse, the company has allegedly been using Wikipedia, a ‘resource’ open to public contribution from non-experts, to supply links which claim “multiple lines of scientific evidence show[ing] that the climate system is warming.” So-called “denial theories” (which are often said to be factual, as Wired has revealed) are being belittled by endorsements from unverified sources such as Wikipedia. Unsurprisingly, the revelation surely has countless wondering how much more unprofessional can YouTube get?

It should also be remembered that Wikipedia is supposed to able to be edited by anyone. So, by extension, the abuse by what is allowed to be called fact is more than mildly alarming and not only as it relates to global warming. Who knows what kinds of games will be played when 2020 rolls around?

It may be time to start fact checking the fact checkers.

The company also announced plans to meddle in other videos on topics, such as UFOs. “I’d guess that it will have some influence, at least on those people who don’t know much about the subject,” said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication as it relates to the farce of global warming.

There are still a few thinking people who are seeing what is happening and they are sounding the alarm. “Despite claiming to be a public forum and a platform open to all, YouTube is clearly a left-wing organization,” stated Craig Strazzeri, PragerU’s chief marketing officer in an email.

He added, “This is just another mistake in a long line of giant missteps that erodes America’s trust in Big Tech, much like what has already happened with the mainstream news media.”

Tony Heller makes videos showing the sham of climate change, and on Twitter, he called what YouTube is doing “putting propaganda at the bottom of all climate videos.

Those who subscribe to the teachings of what seems cultish to some (a.k.a., global warming “science”) are surely happy to see Google meddling in censorship. “I welcome this change,” said Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist at Texas Tech University, also in an email. “I appreciate that YouTube is taking their responsibility seriously to help people understand the difference.”

Of course she would champion the change, as it allows her misinformation and incorrect stance to be looked at as factual when it may not be.

Yet it is utterly appalling that conservative news sources are being flagged and banned as ‘fake news’ when liberal platforms, such as YouTube, will now be using Wikipedia as a ‘trusted’ source.