PUBLISHED: 11:03 PM 6 Dec 2017

“You Need To Be Worried”: Report Finds 92 Percent As Sanctuary “Festers”

Newly approved ICE director Thomas Homan has been empowered by the Trump administration to uphold the laws of the land. The strategy for the Trump administration has been incredibly successful in evicting prior offenders as well as those guilty of mulitiple unlawful reentry.

Newly approved ICE director Thomas Homan has been empowered by the Trump administration to uphold the laws of the land. The strategy for the Trump administration has been incredibly successful in evicting prior offenders as well as those guilty of mulitiple unlawful reentry.

The year of 2017 has been a trying and turbulent ride for many around the world as the presidency of Donald Trump is bringing about changes the world thought impossible.  More and more criminals are being exposed for the monsters they are and in the process, the integrity of United States law is being upheld.  New statistics from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) show that despite fighting against sanctuary cities across the country, 92% of the illegal alien arrests in Trump’s first year were aliens with prior convictions, including reentry.

This news is not only overwhelming, as the numbers alone show vast increase from the previous years with 143,470 arrests, but also relieving.  Trump did not campaign on throwing everybody out of the country and he did not run on the premise of ripping families apart.  Those targeted in this administration are those with criminal convictions as well as multiple unlawful reentries.

However, the newly approved ICE Director Thomas D. Homan warned to those that are in the country illegally that they should be worried.  He wanted them to have a sense of criminality because although their day-to-day activities could be considered mundane to that of hardened criminals, their failure to comply with U.S. law is unacceptable.

MS-13 has been targeted by the Trump administration heavily as interior immigration officers have been ruthlessly pursuing the criminal gang and shutting down their networks.

Homan has sought the approval of additional forces in his work to revamp the interior while the immigration forces eagerly await their promised wall.  The work has been incredible as far as interior clean-up is concerned as the immigration and border patrol agents have been quick to disrupt the activities of criminal gangs.  There is an 83% increase in the number of MS-13 arrests this year than in the previous administration.

By not only targeting the real criminals involved in dangerous activities such as drug and human trafficking, ICE under the Trump administration is empowered to show the American people why they are there.  Trump has also advocated for a more merit based immigration policy that would have those with preferential experience as well as business opportunity the chance to gain citizenship.

As ICE and Border Patrol seem to be winning their battle on the streets and at the border, the nation still must wait to hear the verdict on the promised wall.  Democrats have very loudly and obnoxiously protested the construction of the southern border wall this year but have failed to demonstrate their ability to rationally argue their point.  Their leaders were so shaken up that they were unable to attend dire and necessary discussions with both Senate and House Republicans but also the President himself.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The world watched as liberal champions Schumer and Pelosi were no where to be seen when they were supposed to be arguing for the rights of DACE dreamers.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s failure to attend the meeting to discuss their point was not only disrespectful but completely unprofessional.  No matter the policy or context, their jobs are to represent those who are depending on them.  At the end of the day, the United States has to decide the fate of these individuals and no matter how loud or obnoxious they may be, those who were supposed to represent them should have.

The Democrats are letting the American people down time and time again.  The charade will eventually end and many will have to accept that they were conned into believing a lie told by demagogic tyrants.  Democrats cannot continue to act and mislead the American people into believing that deporting criminals and human traffickers is a bad thing and now they have lost their moral authority to stop the construction of the wall.

This is just another example of Democrats and establishment officials using immigration as nothing more than a talking point when the matter is convenient.  Democrats in the past have been all for immigration reform, in the press, but when it comes to implementing the laws there are no bigger hypocrites.  In fact, all Trump is doing by reconstructing the border is carrying out  a bill passed through under Bush Jr. that called for a improved border security and was voted “Yea” by Schumer, Clinton, and Feinstein.

It’s important to find humor in the little things when one works. This image shows the mentatlity that these officers are up against as many criminals take it personally and as a challenge to disobey the laws.

While the numbers pouring in show a resounding success for both ICE and Border Patrol, the first year of the Trump administration has proven positive with his approach to immigration.  The coming years are expecting to be full of debate and hopefully construction with Trump’s promise to build a wall still in the prototype phase.

Illegal aliens must be worried that their crimes will be punished.  Those interested in the legal path should consult government websites as well as legal counsel.