PUBLISHED: 8:41 PM 1 Jun 2016

You Know Bin Laden’s Bodyguards That Obama Released Months Ago? They Just Did THIS


Barack Obama has had a very wish-washy view on Guantanamo Bay since he stepped into office. So far Obama seems to misunderstand the purpose of the installment, because he is letting out criminals at a rapid rate.

The latest release is one that will make you go crazy though. Obama just releases six detainees from Yemen. That isn’t the entire story though. Three of the men were Osama Bin Laden’s body guards. Yes, you read that correctly. Obama just let out three terrorists because they displayer “good behavior” and earned an “early parole.” Since when do you even get the chance to be released early on good behavior if you committed terrorist actions that led to the death of countless Americans? It is absolutely despicable.

On top of that, the United Kingdom even recognized that the individuals released were very “high risk.” In other words, other countries are watching us and also scratching their heads.

The three bodyguards go by the names of Hassan, Qadir Idris, and Awad. Those are three names that sure give you warm feelings inside knowing that they are now free to continue their terrorist actions and “earn praise from Allah.”

It is unbelievable that people honestly think he is a good president. Actually, it is very believable given the level of intelligence that most liberals share.

The latest reports from insider sources have just released information that the three terrorists have once again reunited with their Muslim Brotherhood counterparts in the Middle East. Yes, you read that correctly. The terrorists that Obama decided to release on “good behavior” just went back to their friends to start planning their next attack.

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