PUBLISHED: 6:58 PM 8 Jan 2018

Yale Mental Health Hype: Author Admits “Dangerous” Falsehoods As Trump Claims Recanted

Dr. Lee has been exposed for lying about a key meeting to support her claims.

Dr. Lee has been exposed for lying about a key meeting to support her claims.

A Yale University psychiatry professor claimed has met with lawmakers to discuss President Donald Trump’s mental health is now walking back a major claim as her credibility is crumbling under public scrutiny.

Dr. Bandy Lee secretly met with a dozen Democratic members of Congress in December to discuss their theories that Trump wasn’t mentally fit to hold office.

When she began speaking with liberals in the media to push her completely unfounded conspiracy theory, Lee initially claimed that a Republican senator attended the meeting to show that there was bipartisan support for challenging Trump’s mental health.

During an interview with the Weekly Standard, she claimed she met with the GOP senator in a Senate office building on December 5, but refused to say if she met with the senator in the hallway or in a closed door meeting.

Dr. Bandy Lee is now peddling falsehoods that Trump is mentally unfit for office.

After being pressed for answers by the Weekly Standard, Lee admitted that the “meeting” was “accidental” and “incidental,” and took place in a public hallway with dozens of tourists and other people.

“It wasn’t arranged in advance,” Dr. Bandy Lee confessed to the Weekly Standard. “It was accidental. It was incidental.”

“I won’t comment. I’m sorry,” Lee said.

Asked directly by the Weekly Standard if the GOP senator agreed with her insane assessment that Trump was unfit for office, Lee said: “No. I mean, they engaged us, but that’s about it.”

So Lee admitted that she never met with a Republican congressman who agreed with her unverified assessment. It’s important to note that Lee has never met with Trump face-to-face to make any scientifically sound determination of his mental state, but now she is working with Democrats to claim Trump should be unfit for office.

Trump is a counter puncher, and these leftist are getting exposed for peddling lies.

Her utterly insane and incompetent remarks follow author Michael Wolff’s new book, titled, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” where the liberal made a slew of claims that have already been proven to be completely false.

Wolff’s tabloid gossip cast significant doubt on the credibility of the erroneous claims he made in his book, which has been refuted by many who are quoted in the book.

Both Wolff and Lee have been elevated by the mainstream media in recent weeks to levy attacks against Trump, where both discredited leftists are pushing lies to derail Trump’s presidency.

Source: BizPac Review