Mom’s Murder Plot Foiled

PUBLISHED: 7:02 PM 7 Jan 2019

Woman Tried To Poison Husband With Antifreeze But Was Caught By 4-Yr-Old Son

According to officials, the mother of two tried to kill her estranged husband by adding anti-freeze to his drinks on a number of occasions.

Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini called the actions "cold blooded."

A New York woman has been charged with attempted murder after her four-year-old son told the babysitter that he’d witnessed his mother adding something to his father’s drinks.

Long Island resident Renee Burke was also charged with assault, burglary and endangering the welfare of a child, and a grand jury indicted her.

According to officials, Burke attempted to poison her estranged husband, Matthew Burke, by putting antifreeze in his beverages a number of times.

“Antifreeze is an ethylene glycol liquid-based substance that can be added to water to lower the freezing temperature. It is often used to regulate engine temperatures in vehicles. Ingesting the substance can cause life-threatening complications, according to Healthline.”

Burke made the first attempt on September 6, 2018.

Matthew Burke noticed his wine contained a chemical taste, but that wasn’t the only time he noticed the strange flavor.

According to prosecutors, their 4-year-old son told his babysitter that his mom “had put something in daddy’s drink.”

The father has full custody of the boy, and the couple’s eight-year-old daughter, and the pair were currently embroiled in a contentious divorce. Renee Burke has temporary visitation rights, but no reasons for the arrangement were reported.

After the first alleged poisoning attempt, doctors examined both the victim and the children, but found no injury.

Matthew Burke noticed the same chemical taste in a soda on a different day, and installed a video camera in his house to find out if his wife was putting something in his drink bottles.

Footage showed Renee Burke pouring pink liquid from two baby bottles into Matthew Burke’s wine after he’d installed the equipment.

Burke pleaded not guilty to all the charges, and her lawyer declined comment.

On each poisoning attempt, Burke broke into the father’s apartment and added antifreeze to his drinks.

Calling the alleged crime “cold blooded,” Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini was disgusted by the woman’s actions.

Burke was ordered held on $200,000 cash bail, and claimed that she was pouring ‘fruit juice’ into her husband’s drinks.

“This is an extremely troubling case,” Sini added. “It’s not only disturbing that the defendant attempted to murder her estranged husband, but that she did so in the presence of children.”

Investigators found antifreeze at Renee Burke’s residence, and the investigation of her phone found that she’d made Google searches with the phrase, “What liquids for cars can kill a human?”

She faces up to 25 years in prison if found guilty.