PUBLISHED: 12:41 AM 12 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 6:23 PM 10 Jul 2017

Woman Raped, Murdered On Family Trip To Istanbul


Unfortunately, This Happens When You Listen To Lies

Over the past year and a half, tens of thousands of leaked emails have shown the true intentions of the Democrats at the top of our government. Everything from removing the rights granted by the Second Amendment by executive order to creating a 1984-style society full of complacent sheep. We’ve seen the results of the former from Obama, but the results of the latter are usually too insidious and subtle to measure.

Usually, but not always.

There are a lot of things the biased and corrupt liberal-controlled media have tried to force the people to believe, most of which a healthy dose of conservatism can expel from the mind in no time at all. However, some minds aren’t blessed with the ability to see the truth through a bunch of nonsense.

Some minds believe that guns truly are dangerous in the hands of even the most responsible of people, and even dimmer minds believe that Islam is a religion of peace. These are both fantasies, but that’s what the media would have us believe in their complacent society full of drooling morons. Let’s examine what happens when an “unaware and compliant citizenry” is in full force. To see this in action, look no further than Pippa Bacca; a 33-year-old Italian with an art project in her heart and a lump of useless gray matter in her head.

Miss Bacca planned a hitchhiking tour from Italy to Israel with her sister on what they called the “Brides on Tour” project. Neither were married, so their selected name is a bit peculiar. This tour of lunacy and delusion was dreamed up after Pippa thought of how nice it would be to show everyone, through her “art”, that everyone is peaceful, loving, giving, and tolerant.


Liberals Are In Full Force This Year

Traveling through war-torn and violence ridden countries doesn’t sound like a good way to prove such a point. Maybe I don’t understand “art.” On March 19, Pippa and her sister split up at the border of Istanbul; this was the last time her sister saw her alive. Miss Bacca’s body was found 40 miles southeast of Istanbul.

Pippa Bacca took a few steps into the Middle East, accepted a ride from a man named Murat Karatas, drove for a few miles, and was raped by several men, beaten, and then murdered. The murderer, who was an adherent to the Islam the “religion of peace”, put his own SIM card into Bacca’s phone and used to make a few phone calls. This is how Turkish officials were able to find the culprit responsible.

Murat Karatas was detained and charged with murder.

Karatas’ cell phone had been wiped of data. Karatas only had a third grade education, couldn’t read, and was high and drunk.


The Route Of Her Death Wish

Miss Bacca was doomed before she took the first step on her hitchhiking tour of ignorance.

Do not become part of the “compliant citizenry.” Pippa Bacca did, and the tragedy that befell her should be a warning to you.