Jury Sentences Mistress Killer

PUBLISHED: 11:57 PM 26 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:58 PM 26 Jan 2018

Woman Sentenced To Life In Bizarre Love Triangle Case

She still maintains she is innocent.

Marlene Johnson has been sentenced to life in prison.

While the old saying that “hell has no fury like a woman scorned” has a lot of truth to it, it should be said with a certain degree of caution. There are times when this rage can appear justified and turn out to be anything but. That is precisely what has happened in North Carolina as one woman has managed only to scorn herself.

Marlene Johnson, 66, is said to have “collapsed after a jury in Rowan County found her guilty of first-degree murder in the 2013 stabbing death of Shirley Pierce, 62,” reports WSOC-TV. Yahoo News confirms that she will spend the rest of her life in prison “without parole for killing her estranged husband’s co-worker in a jealous rage.” The worst part is that her victim was not having the affair with Johnson’s husband, as was the alleged motive for the murder. She claims to be innocent, yet the evidence strongly contradicts this as one bizarre love triangle got out of control.

Perhaps hell hath no regret like Mrs. Johnson’s.

Then again, maybe not. While remorse may be expected, she maintains her innocence.  “I disagree with the jury’s decision,” said the killer. “I am innocent. I was never there. I would never hurt anybody. I would not have killed Shirley Pierce.”

Judge Stuart Albright stood by the ruling saying that the DNA evidence “squarely contradicts everything that you just said,” reveals the Salisbury Post.

As was the case with the judge who showed her disdain for the doctor who molested Olympic athletes yesterday, Albright said, “Ma’am, you will die in prison. That is my order.”

Ervin Johnson, the convicted killer’s retired husband “was the chief financial officer and president of Tuscarora Yarns in Mount Pleasant.” The court found that he was not unfaithful to Mrs. Johnson with Shirley Pierce, making this whole case even drearier.

The victim “was the executive administrative assistant to Martin Foil, the company’s chief executive officer,” and for some reason, this worked to raise the suspicions of Marlene Johnson. There is no reason to suspect that Ms. Pierce had not told Mrs. Johnson that she was innocent, yet it did no good if it was done.

The enraged wife was known to have been stalking and making threats to Pierce prior to her death, as well.

Pierce has even had “multiple restraining orders” put on Mrs. Johnson. The angered wife was found to have had surveillance images of Pierce (at work and at home in her home) when investigators searched it her home. This fact did nothing to assist Mrs. Jonson in her claims of innocence.

Chuck Reeves was engaged to Ms. Pierce and on July 23, 2013, he found her stabbed to death inside of her house. She had been stabbed in the neck “which severed her jugular vein and carotid artery.” While the misery was likely short-lived, the horror of the moment must have been unsurpassable.

Tracy Pierce Brown is “the only daughter” of the deceased and told Judge Albright in court that “She was everything to me.

Johnson’s lawyer declined to comment and no one knows if she plans to appeal or not. Considering her words to the court, it can be reasoned that she may.

This is a tale of caution. Adultery is a sin that can cause a pain unlike any other and it has led to countless murders all throughout history. While that is horrific enough, to end someone’s life who was innocent of the offense is something even worse.

Mrs. Johnson is going to have the rest of her life to dwell on that truth.

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