Woman Convicted Of Murder

PUBLISHED: 1:08 AM 17 Feb 2018

Woman Facing Life For Helping Husband Kill Two Deputies

She claimed she was afraid for her life.

The judge was not afraid to bring justice to one wife who helped her husband kill police officers.

With a nauseous feeling in their stomachs, most readers will remember the case of Luis Bracamontes. This is the man who killed officers in California and boasted in court that he wished that he had killed more people. Many will remember that his wife had said she had feared that if she did not help her husband, she too would be killed. While that may be the case, the story did not seem to go over very well for Janelle Monroy as she was found guilty of murder in the case of ” two Northern California sheriff’s deputies in 2014.”

Ms. Monroy hails from Utah and MSN News informs us that she was discovered to have willingly aided in the murders. She was found guilty of “10 charges including murder, attempted murder, and carjacking, attempted carjacking, and possessing an assault rifle.” The jury did not buy her story about being forced into doing what she did even for a millisecond, at least according to that verdict.

On March 23rd, Janelle Monroy will find out if she is to spend the rest of life behind bars for what she has done.

The jury found that the killer’s wife “willingly moved his assault-style rifle from vehicle to stolen vehicle after he killed Sacramento County, Deputy Danny Oliver.” This took place prior to him ending the life of “Placer County Detective Michael Davis Jr. hours later.

Bracamontes, who boasted of his wish to have killed even more people, is finding that prosecutors are pushing for the death sentence. He has been already convicted by a “separate jury.”

The killer is an illegal immigrant from Mexico and even President Donald Trump has used the man’s case as a testimony against illegal migration. His wife is a legal citizen.

The whole cause of the murder was “a drug-induced paranoia” that happened while the couple was on a road trip together. As if out of the scenes of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” it seems that the two could not tell reality from fiction. However, it was the lack of remorse that worked to really sealed the pair’s fate.

Such cold and merciless people have no place in our society.

They will be locked up and utterly forgotten about by almost everyone, which is what they have earned.

That, however, is a very little solace to the families who’ve lost loved ones for no reason whatsoever.

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