Russian Meddling On Tape

PUBLISHED: 9:46 PM 8 Mar 2018

Woman Begs Asylum From U.S., Claims To Have Recordings About Russian Meddling

She states she is afraid to go back to her country with the information she has.

From Billionaire yacht parties to Thai prison cells, one Russian prostitute claims to have all the dirt.

A lady of the night was arrested in Pattaya, Thailand, on Monday. The Belarusian escort announced that she has information which might prove useful in the Robert Mueller Special Council Russian investigation.

The night worker taped conversations of powerful Russian businessmen as they were discussing the American elections. Using the recordings, the young lady is looking to expose Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

From behind bars, the eastern European offered over 16 hours of audio recordings that include Russian oligarchs discussing the 2016 election. In return for the scandalous information, the prostitute asks for Washington’s help.

Anastasia Vashukevich has been arrested in Thailand for working without a visa. Caught at a sex training seminar, the European faces criminal charges and deportation back to Belarus.

Vashukevich declared that she would be willing to trade her recordings of the Russian oligarchs if Washington is willing to grant her asylum.

Using her close ties to Russian businessman Oleg V. Deripaska, the working girl recorded over 16 hours of conversations. Recording the men in August 2016, Vashukevich declined to identify other individuals caught on tape.

An aluminum magnate, Deripaska is rumored to be having a lengthy discussion with Russian oligarch peers. Conversing over the topic of the elections, Vashukevich claims, but she refuses to elaborate on much more.

Oleg Deripaska is a billionaire friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The precious metal tycoon also happens to have ties to American consultant, Paul Manafort.

Manafort is attending court today in relation to the charges of bank fraud uncovered by Robert Mueller’s Special Council. Before his brief stint on then-candidate Trump’s presidential campaign, Manafort worked for the Podesta Group lobbying for special interests in Ukraine.

Belarusian escort Vashukevich released a statement from jail on Monday. The announcement proclaimed that the young woman was fearful of being deported back to the eastern European country.

Vashukevich pleaded with the United States to offer her protection. In exchange for safety and security, the young escort is willing to divulge all the information and evidence she has gathered in her travels.

Along with Vashukevich, nine other eastern Europeans were detained by Thai immigration. Including residents of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, the refugees were found in the red-light district.

Twenty-one-year old, Vashukevich also goes by the name Nastya Rybka and claims she used to party on yachts with Deripaska and Prikhodko.

Sergei E. Prikhodko is the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia.

Reportedly posted to her social media, Vashukevich uploaded pictures and videos of the yacht party attended by the billionaire and the politician. Working for a modeling agency at the time, she and several other girls were hired for the celebration.

Russian opposition leader Navalny, suggested the collection of photographic and video material to be evidence of bribery. As of Monday, the Russian political leader’s YouTube video had almost 6.4 million views before Russia tried to take it down.

The enigmatic video highlights Vashukevich as a prostitute on the yacht and the two men can be heard discussing American politics. The video also highlights a hand-written book by the young women titled, “How to Seduce a Billionaire.”

Vashukevich claims to have between 16 and 18 hours of recordings. She suggests there are recordings of people she believes to be American.

Without releasing any of the details, Vashukevich suggests their conversation was about profiting from elections. She seemed eager to get her videos out because they concern many people across multiple nations.

Critics call Vashukevich and fellow inmate Alex Kirillov attention seekers. Following the initial Harvey Weinstein accusations, Vashukevich and a small gang of women stood naked outside the United States embassy in Moscow with pro-Harvey signs and slogans.

After arriving in Thailand on February 16, she was detained at a sex seminar by immigration control and visa authority. She claims she was attending the seminar as opposed to working in it.

Attendees of the seminar assert the multi-day training helps improve the art of seduction and does not involve lovemaking.

Vashukevich and five other Europeans are being held by immigration officials until they can stand trial for their accused crimes. Vashukevich described the holding cell as being crowded with more than 100 women and only three toilets.

The accomplice, Kirillov, suggested to reporters that he felt safer because of the press. If Russians killed them in prison now, he said, everyone would know.