PUBLISHED: 7:04 PM 11 Jan 2017

With The Blood Of Her Own Countrymen Upon Her Hands, Merkel Finally Admits Refugees MUST Go


With her refugee plan failing, Merkel has reasons to be a frowning, fretting, frau.

Germany is a nation that is prone to seeing things in extreme terms. For instance, recently it was reported in the Wall Street Journal that the Germans were planning to now, after the terror caused by Anis Amri, get more serious regarding the influx of potential terrorists. The article says that the goal is to make it easier to keep track of those who are suspected of being a danger towards others.

The “going to extremes” part comes into play when the article says that these changes are being done within the framework of the Constitutional “safeguards, informed by abuses committed under the Nazis, that strongly protect personal freedom.”

Germany is a society and a culture that is having trouble in 2017 finding the gray area between Nazi intrusion and protection from a violent intrusion under the guise of migration. They have laws which prevent them from even deporting someone from Germany unless they can prove who they are and where they were from. That means that a terrorist can simply show up and be “stranded” in Germany.


Germany is quickly turning against Merkel and her open border ways.

While the American left was screaming like mating cats over the importance of gun control, a lunatic in Germany was killing people shopping for Christmas with a truck. Obviously, disarming the nation and decimating the German equivalent to the Fourth Amendment right to be “left alone” is not the answer, which was the Nazi solution. The other side of that coin is that Angela Merkel can not oversee a state that was well aware of the danger that Amri posed and not be able to expel him from the EU, either. (Here is a hint; cold hearted racism, bad. Proper border control and vetting, GOOD)

It also should be noted that Germany would not BE facing a situation where it had to alter existing law if they had taken the more logical and fair-minded approach that was presented by others (Donald Trump). More pressure could have been applied to them by the EU, but it never happened. Instead, as always happens, the world gave Saudi Arabia a pass. It did the same for every other Islamic nation that refused to help.


Merkel’s passion may have been directed towards ideas that have now come to haunt her.

Then again, maybe Saudi Arabia and like nations know something that we do not wish to acknowledge. Maybe they have read the writings of terrorists and madmen who write openly about exploiting a crisis for purposes of migration as they pledge to Allah to kill. Could it be that many of the innocents are only being used as a decoy by terrorists, as those very terrorists have promised to do on video? Perhaps Saudi Arabia doesn’t want such terror there, or if one is really observant, maybe they do want such terror in the EU.

With the whole culture of the EU falling after seeing the West fund the very people who are now bombing us, Merel is now fighting for her nation’s life. This is good to see, but it is doubtful that she will do enough. She has come out before and said that multiculturalism has failed in Germany, and yet she continued to allow those most likely to commit terror due to their own words into Germany and the EU. Merkel and many on the left always confuse willful migration with forced or “lack of options” migration.


German forces are now alerted to what many on the right already predicted would be the terror prone outcome.

If a person from another nation wants to come to America or Germany,  if that person has every intention of bettering life by doing so, then such a person is going to walk in through what Trump calls his “big beautiful door”. Such a person will find mostly open arms and well-wishers.

However, if the person is forced to come, or if they came only because their nation was being bombed by people who the West foolishly funded, then that is different. Such a person will not in any way understand any aspect of the world around them.

Needless to say, if the person comes with terror as the motive, then using the migration of the very people who’s lives were ruined by the same terror is both a sinister and clever way to infiltrate the West. At this rate, our heart strings are going to be fashioned into nooses before we can turn our plowshares into swords if we are not careful. Such talk is not racist, because Islam is not a race. Such talk is simply the result of having an observant mind and seeing what the terrorist’s stated plans are.


Radical Islam is rising up like this in Germany with more frequency. They have come to the EU in peace?

Hopefully Merkel will use the wisdom of Donald Trump and work closely with him to monitor such people. Keep in mind always that if Germany allows the wrong person into the EU, if that person lays low for a few years and then flies to America, then who knows where the terror could be seen?

This is not just a problem of German concern that has no real power for destruction on American shores. Even if it did, to not point this out would be more callous than the enemy that we face. It is also hoped that Merkel will actually listen to logic this time, while she still has anyone left in the EU at all.