Trump Will Win Border

PUBLISHED: 8:27 PM 27 Jan 2019

‘With Or Without Congress’: Mulvaney Weighs In On Border Wall

Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has stated that the president is not afraid of another shut down and that the president is committed to defending the nation, whether democrats like it or not.

According to the acting Chief of Staff, nothing has changed in the president's determination for border security.

Today, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney explained that President Trump is committed to border security, and that he will do it “with or without Congress.”

In fact, Mulvaney said that another government shutdown was not off the table and that the president is not afraid of one.

Mulvaney reiterated the threat that the president has stated in the past, that a state of emergency to direct construction of a border barrier—which is something that many of the democrats in congress previously voted for and supported—is not off the table either.

If congress continues to draw the line in the sand over border security, the national emergency is likely.

“It’s still better to get it through legislation,” Mulvaney said on “Fox News Sunday,” calling congressional action “the right way” to secure wall funds.

“At the end of the day, the president’s commitment is to defend the nation and he’ll do it either with or without Congress,” he stated.

The emergency powers, if invoked, would surely set off a flurry of leftist lawsuits aimed at prohibiting the president from performing his job, through the powers provided in the constitution. Many people know that democrats fight constitutional rights that don’t align with their globalist, socialist agenda.

On Friday, President Trump heard the pleas of government workers ignored by democrats, and signed a bill to fund the government for three weeks.

The measure “provided the opportunity for a bipartisan conference of lawmakers to negotiate border security funding.”

Mulvaney blasted naysayers who claimed the president was a wimp, saying that Trump will “be judged by what happens at the end of this process, not what happened this week.”

He’s absolutely right. Many conservatives are sick and tired of ‘commentators’ trying to force the president to act hastily, when they have no idea about the pressures involved in the office.

The president is besieged and attacked on every side. He has been surrounded by a ‘team of vipers’ for the past months, even in the Oval Office.

However, there is no denying that the president is a masterful negotiator. He is also smarter than democrats think.

Mulvaney wouldn’t rule out the government shutting down again in February when money runs out again.

“No one wants a government shutdown,” Mulvaney said. “But when a president vetoes a bill that’s put in front of him on a spending package, sometimes that has the effect of shutting the government down. We don’t go into this trying to shut the government down.”

Asked later on CBS’s “Face the Nation” whether the president was willing to shut the government down again, Mulvaney said “Yeah, I think he actually is.”

Many people say, ‘good.’ Giving in to democrats only emboldens them to take away more safety and rights.