Wisconsin "Harvest" Steal

PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 1 Dec 2020
UPDATED: 6:58 PM 1 Dec 2020

Wisconsin Steal: Thousands Of “Harvested” Ballots Have Same Signature

This alone should ensure that they are thrown out!

This is wrong. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, Wisconsin does not have a formal process for absentee ballot submissions, instead, the state has a specific of absentee request used by persons labeled “indefinitely confined.”

That situation, according to experts, made it possible to flood the state with fraudulent ballots.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

In all prior years those submissions were in the hundreds; however, in the 2020 election that process was used by people appearing to be “ballot harvesting”, a process not allowed by state law in Wisconsin.

The number of those ballots skyrocketed.

According to exclusive information provided to Gateway Pundit thousands of “indefinitely confined” ballots in Wisconsin have been identified with a single signature: “MLW.”

Review the Evidence Here

It appears all of those “MLW” ballots, were unlawfully harvested/manufactured for Joe Biden in Dane County, and could quite possibly be disqualified.

However, the state is apparently going ahead with the fraudulent votes, despite the law… or trying to.