Election Fraud Proof

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 28 Oct 2021
UPDATED: 3:26 PM 28 Oct 2021

Wisconsin Sheriff To Release Proof of State-Wide Election Rig

We know there's plenty of evidence.

Good, make some arrests. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

One law enforcement officer plans to release actual election fraud crime proof today.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Racine Sheriff’s Office will hold a hearing on Thursday at 11 AM at the Sheriff’s substation.

Sheriff Christopher Schmaling will unveil the results of an extensive investigation with implications throughout Racine County and Wisconsin.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Sheriff Schmaling and the lead investigator will be available to answer questions and provide documentation.

The Racine Sheriff’s Office made the announcement Wednesday on their Facebook page.

UPDATE– From our source on the ground in Wisconsin. Sheriff Schmaling HAS VIDEO — Shows criminal actions by (Democrat) operatives! This will be lit!