PUBLISHED: 7:56 PM 20 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 8:52 PM 20 Mar 2017

Will Kim Jong-Un Go Through With It? North Korea Now Promising Nuclear War With The U.S.


Kim Jong-Un has managed to anger America with his talk of a pre-emptive nuclear strike and then blames the U.S. for preparing to stop it.

Kim Jong-Un has a backwards nation that he dictates over. They have been miseducated to believe things like the “fact” that their leader was born under a double rainbow or that flowers bloom in the winter as he walks by. This means that the real fact that 150 millions tons of smoke would be sent into the Earth atmosphere in a nuclear war, causing conditions colder than the Ice Ages of the past, is not known to the average North Korean. They are told that NK will win easily, not that 40- 65 square miles will be vaporized in Pyongyang in the literal blink of an eye (.01 to .04 seconds). They also don’t know that the U.S. has bombs that yield a blast equal to 200 million pounds of “high explosives.

For these reasons and many more, North Korea saying that “If a single bullet is fired, we WILL nuke the US,” is more than mildly alarming. While the madman Kim Jong-Un does stop eating long enough to wreak havoc and say such things, he has never before painted himself into such a corner. Pride is just about all that the leader has in his corner and now that he has said it, if he does not follow through, then he will lose face with his people who see him as a god. If he DOES move to do it, those who are already whispering about overthrowing or killing Kim Jong-Un will likely be more apt to act. Then again, perhaps they will act if he does NOT. We have NO WAY of knowing how unstable those near him are.


The 38th Parallel is said by some to be the most mined area of the planet. So many people want to flee the misery of NK that they have to line the earth with bombs to get people to remain.

North Korea can not possibly think that President Donald Trump is going to allow the United States to spend all of that money to call all of the South Korean drills off. No one has ever capitulated to North Korea, though they call the Korean War ceasefire a “victory.” North Korea has promised that “The Korean People’s Army will reduce the bases of aggression and provocation to ashes with its invincible Hwasong rockets tipped with nuclear warheads and reliably defend the security of the country and its people’s happiness in case the US and the South Korean puppet forces fire even a single bullet at the territory of the DPRK.

They are somehow not understanding that the THADD systems that America sent to South Korea DURING these drills were for the very purpose of stopping that threat. Actually, if Kim Jong-Un had just remained silent and not promised to bomb America, none of this would even be happening to the degree that it is now. Drills between the South Koreans and the U.S. would still be happening. Then again, NK would be free to conduct exercises with their ally China, if they wanted to show muscle. Instead, they threaten the world with nuclear weapons.


The hell that North Korea could unleash upon itself and the world is almost to unspeakable to grasp.

According to The Daily Star, “US warships, soldiers, and warplanes” are involved with war games and “military exercises alongside their allies in Seoul.” The nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson also arrived with what is being called a “strike group of destroyers.” The goal of the drills is to ensure a timely defeat of NK should they get too aggressive with their nuclear ambitions. South Korea has made no moves towards violence nor threatened NK at any time. It is the North that is so taken back by the fact they want to defend themselves when provoked. Nothing that the North Koreans are complaining about are things that they themselves did not cause.

Kim Jong-Un has already fired missiles into the Sea of Japan, which had debris shedding down upon shipping lanes and commerce zones. Ever since the murder of his half-brother, the leader has gotten more enraged and chaotic. He has fired at and blown apart cabinet members with aircraft carrier guns, killed his uncle and even engaged in a practice of keeping citizens of Malaysia prisoner in his nation. This he claims to do until he gets the outcome to a case about his half-brother that he desires. All that this has accomplished is Malaysia replying in kind, so even THEY do not back down to North Korea.


South Korea (pictured) has some of the most vibrant lifestyle options of any city in the world.

NK has also clumsily opened an H-Bomb plant, with the goal being to create a weapon “14-times more powerful than their previous test.” There is a limit to how much deadly nuclear fallout other Asian nations can be expected to stand for as these tests are done. Even nations who have no desire to engage in war with North Korea are not going to allow them to keep raining nuclear fallout from rocket tests down upon them and/or their waterways.

Also, it is not that NK is such a powerful threat that we can not knock down their nuclear attempts, but that even trying to do such a thing as bomb America or their allies is a death sentence. China and Russia are almost as mad as Kim Jong-Un, so it is hard to say who they would side with. From there, if not with the U.S.A, things could end in a fiery death for most of the planet really fast.


Minus one impressive structure, most of North Korea (pictured) is devoid of the internet, electricity, plumbing, or food. This is one of the only cities in NK.

It is reported that “Kim Jong-Un’s diplomat warned of an ‘actual war’ while speaking at the UN,” which is something that Donald Trump will likely note. That is the true morsel that so many of these nations are missing. Iran, North Korea, China – they are all threatening the United States of America and then blaming Trump for taking them at their word. If NK had not promised to try and kill millions of innocent people, then we would not be over there as deeply as we are for our own protection and well being.

In theory, Kim Jong-Un could launch a rocket with enough force into the ocean near Hawaii and, if not shot down as it likely would be, could create a tidal wave risk. This could be one way that NK could attempt to inflict misery upon the U.S, but even it if works, would could the tin horn dictator actually think would happen next? After a radioactive tidal wave hits a U.S. state, does he think that Donald Trump waves a white flag and the Eagle is beaten?

Does anyone in the North Korean military really think that the U.S. would not react with such fierceness that they would not even have time to roll Kim away? If this is his plan, someone needs to remind him what happened when Japan had the idea of attacking Hawaii.

Rex Tillerson has made it clear that the days of allowing North Korea to strut like a superpower while it can not even feed its own people are over. If those in control along with Kim Jong-Un in NK allow this to go much further then perhaps they deserve the misery that is to befall them. Sadly, a lot of innocent North Koreans who know no better than to think that Kim Jong-Un is a god are going to find out that even gods can be toppled.

Hopefully, if that happens, China will allow peace to prevail. South Korea is going to busy enough trying to acclimate all of North Korea are 65 years behind their modern brothers into their society. If China chooses to get aggressive over the matter, then the left-wingers will be right and man will have caused climate change, after all. The next Ice Age will have been caused by the very weapons that we have ourselves built.