Wikileaks Vs. ICE

PUBLISHED: 7:59 PM 22 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 8:01 PM 22 Jun 2018

WikiLeaks Publishes Database Of Employees Ripe For Abuse

They published the names, pictures, and more of over 9,000 employees.

WikiLeaks decided that due to Donald Trump's 'immigration policies,' they would publish a catalog that makes it easy to find and harass ICE employees.

WikiLeaks has a long history of taking action against the United States government when it suits them, and even being involved in undermining people like Hillary Clinton and the DNC when it fits their ends. Indeed, their revelation of documents from the Democrat Party helped prove that democrat sycophants willfully undermined Bernie Sanders’ campaign in order to coronate Mrs. Clinton.

Now, however, the website, run by Julian Assange, has published a database on the site with personal information gleaned from thousands of personal accounts as part of their new project, “ICEPatrol.” This information, posted late Thursday night, targets current and former employees in the government organization, and presents all of their personal information. Why any sane person would want to put out information that could put families in danger from unbalanced liberals is hard to comprehend.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has come under fire in recent weeks due to media frenzies concerning the separation of children from their parents after arrest and confinement during illegal border crossings.

The catalog they published as part of their “ICEPatrol” contains a database of photos, titles, jobs, and education histories for more than 9,000 people who work at, or did work at, ICE.

Among those listed in the catalog are many top ranking individuals, as well as people in the government agency’s human resources department, and even interns.

The catalog didn’t make its first appearance on WikiLeaks, though. An earlier version of the list appeared on GitHub, a code-sharing site, after a programmer who didn’t care for the Donald Trump administration’s illegal immigration policy placed it there.

GitHub and Medium, who both once hosted the information, have since removed it, citing rules in their terms of service agreements that say the sites will not host ‘doxing’ information.

However, WikiLeaks refused to take the list down, and said that removing the list was ‘censorship.’

They also defended their decision to keep the database up, saying that it is an important program that will help people to ‘understand’ ICE programs, and that will also increase accountability within the government organization.

The website also stated that the catalog was especially relevant now, what with the separation of illegal immigrant families on the U.S.-Mexico border.

It’s hard to see how the catalog really does anything, though, other than provide people a chance to harass government agents, or worse.

Remember, socialist activists went out of their way to harass, in person, Kirstjen Nielsen, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary. They did this because they simply didn’t like the policy, not because Nielsen was responsible for it in any way.

Likewise, a mentally disturbed Bernie supporter tried to kill as many republican representatives as possible, even stalking the area for days beforehand.

How many of these 9,000 people listed in the catalog are even currently in the agency, or in positions where they have any say over policy?

Generally, human resources personnel don’t have much to do with policy, for example, concerning how to best take care of or handle illegal immigrant families seeking asylum while also holding true to all applicable rules and regulations.

At best, a person from HR will be involved in hiring and firing employees, or negotiating contracts with unions.

The interns also don’t have much (or any) power. A lot of government organizations that take summer interns put them in positions with little to no responsibility, pay them little to nothing, and use them for simple tasks.

An intern is not going to be able to magically change a policy because someone wrote them a nasty message on LinkedIn or otherwise stalked them. Frankly, an intern is little better than a ‘gopher’ at almost any job, government or not.

Maybe it would be better if WikiLeaks compiled a list of democrat politicians who outright refused to pass a law about the detention conditions?

Then they wouldn’t be listing the names of people who likely have no power over policy and exposing them to harassment and more.

This list could start with people like Chuck Schumer, a democrat Senator from New York, who outright refused to even work with Mitch McConnell to pass a law on the subject when he offered.

After all, these elected officials, who have the power to change the law to prevent children from being separated from their parents, can actually do something. Calling them (or their offices) would actually be much more likely to have some impact.

It seems like WikiLeaks is just hoping that allowing people who do (or once did) work for ICE to be harassed by the denizens of the internet will somehow cause a positive impact, it seems. Usually, harassment has the opposite impact, and tends to solidify people’s opinions.