Assange Arrested

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 11 Apr 2019
UPDATED: 5:35 PM 11 Apr 2019

WikiLeaks Founder Dragged From Embassy In Cuffs By British Police

Exposing the government’s secrets and evil is a dangerous calling, and Julian Assange has finally been arrested.

Julian Assange's asylum has been revoked and he has been taken into custody by British police.

Julian Assange, founder and editor of WikiLeaks, was hauled from his asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on Thursday morning. Dragged out in handcuffs, the man who has helped expose countless government abuses, illegal spying, and other scandals will now pay for bringing these issues to light.

The move has infuriated a number of people, including former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, who originally granted Assange asylum nearly seven years ago. He condemned Lenin Moreno as a “traitor” for the expulsion of the WikiLeaks publisher.

Likewise, Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency whistleblower who exposed the NSA’s highly illegal violations of the constitution, tweeted that Assange’s arrest was a “dark moment for press freedom.”

Snowden exposed:

  • Secret court orders allowing the NSA to collect Americans’ phone records
  • The existence of PRISM which was the NSA’s program to directly access the servers of U.S tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple and more
  • That the British spy agency, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), taps fiber optic cables around the globe to intercept Internet data
  • The NSA spies on the leaders of foreign countries (most people think that’s a good thing)
  • XKeyscore, the tool the NSA uses to search “nearly everything a user does on the Internet” through data it intercepts globally, and in leaked documents it was described as the “widest-reaching” system to search Internet data
  • The NSA’s efforts to secretly defeat encryption
  • The NSA’s ability to infiltrate Yahoo and Google data centers
  • Dishfire, that in the “collecting it all” mindset intercepts 200 million text messages every day worldwide
  • MYSTIC that the NSA uses to intercept and store all phone calls made in the Bahamas and Afghanistan

Assange has been wanted by the government of the U.S. for a long time, and it looks like they will get him.

Business Insider reported:

Video footage showed a heavily-bearded Assange being forcibly removed from the embassy and placed into a police van. He is due to appear in court soon.

The US has also asked to extradite Assange, London police said in a statement, without specifying the reason.

Over the past year, prosecutors are said to have discussed a variety of charges they could bring against Assange and are reportedly optimistic that they could get Assange into a US court.

The US’ push came as Assange’s relationship with Ecuador was in decline, and as the South American country is looking to bolster its relationship with the US.

The DOJ has been investigating Assange since 2010, and according to The Wall Street Journal, while the exact charges prosecutors want to bring against him are unclear, they may involve the Espionage Act.

Mueller and his ilk would love to pin the so-called ‘hacking’ of the DNC on Assange, and have desperately tried to tie Assange and WikiLeaks with Russia.

There was a warrant for Assange’s arrest in 2012 after he failed to appear in court to face charges of sexual misconduct in Sweden, which he denies, and that investigation was dropped in 2017.

Britain also issued a warrant for breaching former bail conditions in the UK.

Last week, a source warned that Ecuador was about to remove its protection and Assange’s arrest was ‘hours to days away.’

Many people ask, what’s really going on here? Is this simply the global government’s concerted effort to destroy WikiLeaks and Assange?

Given the level of brutality used, it’s almost as if Assange was a member of the Trump campaign team.

Watch the arrest below: