PUBLISHED: 4:06 PM 25 Jul 2016
UPDATED: 4:17 PM 25 Jul 2016

WikiLeaks Delivers NEW Wave Of Emails, She Is Going To Jail

Panicked Hillary

Friday, one of the biggest leaks in political history happened and it is only going to get worse for the Democrats. This is not a smear article, these are straightforward facts that are retrieved from the DNC. These are their emails and words, not ones Republicans made up.

WikiLeaks is a gigantic hacking corporation that seeks to end corruption. Even if they have a political preference, they are still reporting facts. WikiLeaks hacked the Democratic National Convention and has released over 20,000 emails between senior and top officials plotting to rig the election for Hillary Clinton.

As you can guess, Clinton has denied all allegations, won’t answer any questions about the matter, and acts like she is shocked. What is even crazier is that Hillary Clinton hired Debbie Wasserman Shultz on the SAME DAY she was fired from the DNC for the email leaks.

There are a ton of emails and many people are still looking through them all, but they reveal that the DNC rigged the election in favor of Clinton in many ways. The DNC would only let news stations like CNN and MSN ask Hillary questions that were pre-approved and written by them, so the media were asking Hillary questions that she basically wrote herself.

The DNC was releasing and promoting stories that hurt Bernie Sanders and ones that made Hillary look good (which I bet was hard). The emails show that the DNC is absolutely terrified of Donald Trump and his movement, too.

The emails also show that Democrats are actually racist, and do not care about minorities like they claim they do. Here’s an email from Rebecca Christopher, a top DNC staffer, saying they need to increase their “taco bowl engagement” with Latino’s.


Here’s an email showing that the DNC was plotting to create a fake Craigslist post for women to work at one of one of Trump’s organizations. They were going to make a fake add suggesting Trump only hires people based on weight and looks. Here’s the email:


Here’s an email from a top DNC member sending out a detailed list of how to get the “Latino vote.” The strategy indicates that because Hispanics are loyal ‘consumers,’ once you get one family member, you’ll have them all.

“Consumer”? That is all Democrats see Hispanics as. Democrats refer to you like you’re a customer that will simply come and go. What a joke and how disrespectful.


Here’s an email from a DNC official trying to pull the transcript from an MSNBC interview DURING the actual interview. The transcripts would have shown the DNC and Clinton working together, and they couldnt show that because it would have destroyed their master scheme.


Again, there were over 20,000 emails and these are just a few. WikiLeaks has come forward and said that they will release another wave of emails that will lead to Hillary Clinton going to jail. The emails will contain information about Clinton and her Foundation.

You MUST share this now because Twitter and Facebook have already been trying to delete these posts so that people cannot see them anymore. Sharing this will show millions of other people how corrupt this system is and how badly something must be done right now.