Nightclub Shooter’s Wife Investigated

PUBLISHED: 9:56 PM 13 Mar 2018

Wife Of Once-Deadliest Mass Shooter To Stand Trial

She may have known about her husband’s plan to slaughter 49 people at Pulse Nightclub in 2016.

This nightclub was one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history.

The horrors which befell the Pulse Nightclub, a gay hotspot in Florida, are now morbidly legendary. However, few people understand that the wife of Omar Mateen, the man who used “his Sig Saur semi-automatic rifle” to kill 49 people just out for a drink, played a role in the drama, as Fox News reminds everyone today.

Some people say that she was fully aware that her husband was about to murder the innocents, and that is what the trial aims to ferret out. In Orlando, Florida, opening statements in the case of Noor Salmon have been heard. It is being reported that “the widow’s trial will be the only criminal prosecution for” a slaughter that, at the time that it was committed, was the single deadliest mass shooting in the history of America.

The killer’s wife is saying that she knew nothing about it and was nothing more than a victim of his abuse, herself.

It was only after Mateen held survivors as captives in the bathroom that police shot and killed the gunman and, soon after, questions arose regarding what his wife knew…and when she knew it.

The killer had pledged his devotion to ISIS and said that he “was triggered by a U.S. airstrike the month before that had killed Abu Wahid,” a Daesh leader.

The air strikes need to stop, you see?” he said to a negotiator. “Now you feel how it is.” In his mind, innocents (gay or otherwise) dancing with friends and bothering no one are the same as butchers who kill people being targeted by the U.S. government.

The questions about Salmon arose soon after that statement from her husband and she “is charged with aiding a terrorist organization and lying to investigators.” Text messages that were sent to her spouse before his death prove that she knew what was being planned and did nothing to halt the onslaught.

One of those texts says, “If ur mom calls say nimo invited you out and noor wants to stay home. She asked where you were xoxo. Love you.” Showing what kind of “great religious holy man” he was, Nimo (also spelled “Nemo“) is a friend who the man used as cover when he cheated on his wife!

Investigators have found that the attack was not an attack on gays, it was simply a place where a lot of people could be easily slaughtered.

The widow’s family has been flown in for what should be a trial lasting roughly three weeks. Her attorney claims that his client knew nothing of the massacre that was about to happen and that Salmon “was a subjugated victim in an abusive marriage.”

Meanwhile, some of those outside the courthouse carried signs that read, “Fry her until she has no ‘Pulse.‘”

If the facts point in the direction that the texts seem to indicate, while Death Row is a rare place for a lady to end up (particularly one who did not herself pull the trigger), that may not be too far removed from what really happens.