USB Flash Drive?

PUBLISHED: 1:35 PM 1 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 9:22 PM 1 Aug 2018

Why Putin May Have Delivered Evidence To Hang Hillary

There's just too much stacked up against the democrat swamp-dwellers to ignore.

Did Putin deliver hard evidence of Hillary's treason? Is that why democrats are screaming to know what went on during Helsinki?

Many people remember the so-called frenetic screeching of Hillary Clinton when she supposedly had a melt-down with Matt Lauer and said that if Trump got elected they’d all be ‘swinging from nooses’? Snopes, of course, called it a false rumor… but the ‘fact checking’ site did admit that Hillary threw a ‘hissy fit.’

But, what if she really did say that… could there have been any logic to her madness?

I think it’s entirely possible, given the recent Helsinki conference.

In fact, Putin’s $400 million ‘accusations’ ARE proof. He claims to know that Bill Browder funneled money to the Clinton campaign—he’s not speculating—and asserted the scheme involved members of the U.S. intelligence community, who Putin said “accompanied and guided these transactions.”

Which members… Mueller, Comey, Lynch? That would actually be conspiracy.

Remember what happened to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? They were executed for espionage after being convicted in part of a spy ring that delivered atomic bomb secrets to Russia. And, many people have suggested that the democrats always accuse their enemies of crimes they themselves have committed… just saying.

History records that other agents have also been sentenced to death after spying convictions, so the notion of death for traitors is not new. Isn’t it possible that Hillary knew exactly what she was saying during her supposed outburst… that she knew her’s, and other people’s, actions were enough to warrant the highest punishment?

Incidentally, I’ve wondered why so many democrats have demanded to know what went on between President Trump and Vladimir Putin while they spoke confidentially in Helsinki.

Could it be that President Donald Trump was given evidence of real treasonous collusion that took place within the highest levels of government under Obama’s reign?

I’m not saying he actually received a terabyte USB flash drive with evidence of Hillary’s perfidious villainy against America… but what if?

Personally, given the actions of certain democrats and Hillary Clinton since the election, I think it’s possible. In fact, Giuliani claimed on Monday that the White House has its own ‘counter report’ ready to release, firing back against Mueller’s witch hunt.

But, if Trump did get the evidence, why would Putin hand it over?

I think there are some specific reasons why the Russian leader just may have delivered the goods, horrifying the power-hungry democrat masters who are terrified that their cash cow—the foreign interests who are ready to pay for the United States’ military stealth secrets, Uranium, and sea ports—will go dry.

  • It’s just possible that Putin, who is Russian to the core, despises Hillary Clinton, Obama, and other traitors.
  • Trump is a real person… unlike the fake people in the swamp who say one thing, but do another.
  • The strange 360 perpetrated by democrats, concerning Russia, as soon as President Trump won the election looks suspicious.. if Hillary had won, would she be touting a ‘new relationship’ with Russia like she did before?
  • The insane witch hunt conducted by the leftists still in power looks a lot like a distraction for the masses and a way to tarnish Trump, without any proof.

Firstly, Putin is a nationalist, unlike Hillary, and her ilk, who are globalists. I don’t think he likes, or respects her. Of course, this is just an impression, but images of Clinton, Obama and Putin show the Russian leader appearing mostly contemptuous.

Secondly, Putin didn’t ‘accuse’ Clinton of accepting laundered money from Bill Browder… he said she did it. Even if that’s not evidence of a crime… it does show her slimy, back-handed, money-grubbing ways.

In a recent report by Philip Giraldi of The Strategic Culture Foundation, the connection is outlined excellently:

Browder is notoriously the man behind the 2012 Magnitsky Act, which exploited Congressional willingness to demonize Russia… The Act sanctioned individual Russian officials, which Moscow has rightly seen as unwarranted interference in the operation of its judicial system.

Browder, a media favorite who self-promotes as “Putin’s enemy #1,” portrays himself as a selfless human rights advocate, but is he? He has used his fortune to threaten lawsuits for anyone who challenges his version of events, effectively silencing many critics.

He claims that his accountant Sergei Magnitsky was a crusading “lawyer” who discovered a $230 million tax-fraud scheme that involved the Browder business interest Hermitage Capital but was, in fact, engineered by corrupt Russian police officers who arrested Magnitsky and enabled his death in a Russian jail.

Many have been skeptical of the Browder narrative, suspecting that the fraud was in fact concocted by Browder and his accountant Magnitsky. A Russian court recently supported that alternative narrative, ruling in late December that Browder had deliberately bankrupted his company and engaged in tax evasion. He was sentenced to nine years prison in absentia…

On December 16th Senator Diane Feinstein of the Senate Judiciary Committee released the transcript of the testimony provided by Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS. According to James Carden, Browder was mentioned 50 times, but the repeated citations apparently did not merit inclusion in media coverage of the story by the New York Times, Washington Post and Politico.

Fusion GPS, which was involved in the research producing the Steele Dossier used to discredit Donald Trump, was also retained to provide investigative services relating to a lawsuit in New York City involving a Russian company called Prevezon.

As information provided by Browder was the basis of the lawsuit, his company and business practices while in Russia became part of the investigation. Simmons maintained that Browder proved to be somewhat evasive and his accounts of his activities were inconsistent.

He claimed never to visit the United States and not own property or do business there, all of which were untrue, to include his ownership through a shell company of a $10 million house in Aspen Colorado. He repeatedly ran away, literally, from attempts to subpoena him so he would have to testify under oath.

Per Simmons, in Russia, Browder used shell companies locally and also worldwide to avoid taxes and conceal ownership, suggesting that he was likely one of many corrupt businessmen operating in what was a wild west business environment. My question is, “Why was such a man granted credibility and allowed a free run to poison the vitally important US-Russia relationship?” The answer might be follow the money. Israel Shamir reports that Browder was a major contributor to Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, who was the major force behind the Magnitsky Act. (emphases added)

So, now we have the connection to Fusion, which was connected to Hillary, and another prominent democrat senator.

Hillary has said that Trump’s foreign policy is dangerous… but is it more dangerous than allowing ‘Arab spring’ to become a massive destabilization force in the Middle East during your reign as Secretary of State? Is it more dangerous than signing off, with others, on the 20 percent sale of America’s Uranium resources?

Thirdly, consider the difference between her opinions about Russia before the election (during the Uranium One sale) and now:

So, we know that Hillary has changed her tune about Russia. We know that the Obama administration gave a stand down order on the so-called Russian hacking, and we know that the Clinton foundation got donations from certain investors during the Uranium One sale (even the New York Times admits that)… so, perhaps Putin recognizes Clinton and other democrats for what they are… lying, power-hungry elitists, who have sold their souls for Mammon?

Either way… if Americans can get some hard evidence, it’s just possible that the list of traitors who were convicted (and executed) for their crimes against the United States will lengthen, and American citizens might get back the Republic our forefathers died to establish and protect.

However, if Hillary’d been elected…