Capitol Goes Dark?

PUBLISHED: 1:37 PM 25 Jan 2021
UPDATED: 6:52 PM 25 Jan 2021

Why Did The White House, Washington Monument And Mall Cameras Go Dark Last Night

Something strange is happening in the Capitol… a no one can explain it satisfactorily while most media outlets are ignoring it completely.

What the heck is going on? Even the mall live cameras suddenly shut down?(Source: Twitter Screenshot)

Last night, something strange happened. The White House and the Washington Monument went eerily dark. Along with this strange blackout, all but one of the live cameras located in the National Mall shut down.

Fox News ‘reported’:

The Washington Monument lights went out on Sunday, leading officials to try and figure out why.

“The exterior lights of the Washington Monument are currently out,” the National Park Service tweeted on Sunday evening. “We are investigating and will have them restored as soon as possible.”

Users took to social media to speculate on the reason for the mysterious outage, which appeared to leave the famed monument in darkness — besides its red lights at the top that blink a warning to aircraft.

“The Washington Monument isn’t lit up tonight for whatever reason and it’s super creepy,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“The Washington Monument indeed is dark. Strange.,” another wrote.

Another user speculated on the outage by jokingly posting a GIF from the 1980 comedy film “Airplane!”

On Saturday, the National Park Service announced that the monument would close “until further notice” to protect staff and visitors from the spread of COVID-19.

But, there’s more questions. Look carefully at this video from yesterday at the White House:

What is happening here? Why is there a strange complex constructed in front of the building?

Never in history has such strange activities been recorded. When this is combined with the fact that countries across Europe and the world have suddenly had their ruling bodies completely resign and/or step down… many people are rightly concerned, confused and wondering what will happen next.