Texas Stays Red

PUBLISHED: 6:15 PM 29 Jan 2020

Whoops! Texas “Bellwether” Election Ends In Near Landslide GOP Victory

Of course, there is little to zero coverage on this election now (after the results are in), which was supposed to show that Texas was turning ‘blue.’

Gates won handily. (Source: Greg Abbott's Office Screenshot)

In Texas, a nationally watched special election between Republican Gary Gates and Democrat Eliz Markowitz to decide the state House district 28 seat was supposed to be a “bellwether” showing that Texas was ‘turning blue.’

However, that didn’t happen, and it was a major embarrassment for Beto O’Rourke who actually went door to door to try to help Markowitz win.

In fact, the race wasn’t even close.

The Texas Tribune reported:

With all vote centers reporting Tuesday night, Gates defeated Markowitz by 16 percentage points, 58% to 42%, according to unofficial results. Gates, a businessman who unsuccessfully ran for office several times before, jumped out to a similar lead after early voting and maintained it throughout the night. He will replace former state Rep. John Zerwas, R-Richmond, whose term doesn’t expire until January.

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Gates claimed victory while addressing supporters around 9 p.m. at a Mexican restaurant.

“This was a race, as you know, it brought a lot of national attention, and they thought this was a seat they could flip,” he said, drawing shouts of “No way!” and “Don’t mess with Texas!”

Speaking to her backers about an hour earlier in Katy, an upbeat Markowitz rallied the crowd for the November general election.

“We’re not done,” Markowitz said. “Not only do we only have the early voting results in, but we get to do this all again in 11 months, y’all … Every single thing that we have done over the past six months will come to fruition in November 2020, and I hope that every single one of you will be standing by my side when we have a blue Fort Bend House District 28 in the future.”

Both Gates and Markowitz are also running for the full term that begins next year and will appear on the parties’ respective March 3 primary ballots. Markowitz is unopposed, while Gates faces minimal competition.

The special election runoff drew massive attention from Democrats. At least three presidential candidates got involved, national and state groups poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the race, and Beto O’Rourke made it his top political priority since ending his White House bid in November.

Over 30,000 votes were cast, representing 20% of registered voters — an unusually high showing for a special election, which are known to have low voter turnout.

Gleeful Republicans said Gates’ resounding win showed Democrats had made a severe miscalculation. Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement that Democrats “pulled out all the stops for this race” and “voters resoundingly rejected [their] socialist ideology and took a major step toward keeping Texas red.”

No Democratic figure had gotten more involved in the runoff than O’Rourke, who spent back-to-back weekends stumping in the district. After appearing at Markowitz’s Election Night party, O’Rourke sought to buck up his followers during a Facebook Live broadcast while driving out of Houston.

There were two other special election runoffs Tuesday to fill state House seats, both in much safer territories for Democrats. With all voting centers reporting in House District 100, Lorraine Birabil defeated fellow Democrat James Armstrong with 66% of the vote to replace former Rep. Eric Johnson, D-Dallas, who vacated the seat last year to become the city’s mayor. Meanwhile, in House District 148, Democrat Anna Eastman prevailed with 65% of the vote against Republican Luis LaRotta for the seat of former Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, who resigned several months ago.

The DB Update explained it like this:

This result does not fit the Democrat/media election narrative. It doesn’t fit that narrative at all. – In what the corrupt Democrat activists in the mainstream news media spent weeks calling a “closely watched special election” in Texas, the Republican candidate won in a landslide Tuesday night.

The race was for Texas House District 28, a suburban district on the outskirts of Houston. You know, the kind of suburban area where the corrupt media has been trying to convince us that GOP candidates were struggling with Millennial-aged housewives, who supposedly don’t like President Trump and would certainly be turning my home state of Texas into a “blue” state anytime now, maybe even this year.

That was the narrative, anyway. Of course, it was the exact same narrative Texans heard back in 2014, when the Democrats, led by gubernatorial candidate Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis, were going to sweep into power. But then Davis got shellacked by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, in an election in which Republicans again swept every statewide office, and in which Davis won just 39% of the vote.

And it is the exact same narrative Texas were treated to in 2018, when Irish Bob “Beto” O’Rourke poured $80 million of California and New York dollars into a senate race against Ted Cruz. Despite out-spending Senator Cruz by a 3-to-1 margin, Irish Bob came up a crapper – just as he did in his presidential effort – losing to Cruz as GOP candidates once again swept every statewide office, as they have done in every Texas election cycle since 1994.