Migrants Infectious

PUBLISHED: 7:30 PM 30 Nov 2018

Whoops! Liberals Get It Wrong Again As Over 2,000 Have Contagious Diseases

President Trump was right, once again, when he blasted the illegal migrant invaders as carriers of disease.

The New York Attorney General plans to weaponize her office to harass the president, despite no evidence of wrongdoing.

According to a spokesperson from the health department in Tijuana, more than 2,000 of the migrant invaders have been treated for carrying infectious diseases, lice and other health complaints.

The report shows once again that President Trump was right when he blasted the illegal, military age men, who are not qualified for asylum, for carrying disease and crime.

“They have treated 2267 migrants, 60% with respiratory infections, 3 confirmed cases of tuberculosis, four cases of HIV-AIDS, 101 cases of lice, four cases of chickenpox and hepatitis is a real concern because of the unsanitary conditions,” Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins confirmed.

However, democrats want the U.S. to welcome these ‘migrants,’ and have taxpayers cover their medical expenses.

The conditions are so bad that many in the group are becoming disenfranchised with the organizers.

“One of those migrants from Honduras seeking asylum says he feels he was lied to by the organizers from the beginning and is worried they are reaching a breaking point,” Jenkins explained.

This news comes just under a month after “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah mocked President Donald Trump for claiming that there were “strong and dangerous individuals” in the group of invaders and that some were “riddled with disease.”

Both statements by Trump are correct.

The president’s other concerns have also been proven, as authorities announced Monday that at least one MS-13 gang member had been arrested at the border.

“Additionally, an embedded MSNBC reporter confirmed several days ago that DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s characterization of the caravan as “mostly adult males” was accurate.”

Of course, it really galls liberals to have to admit that conservatives are right.

Many people hope that these migrants are stopped from invading the country, and future invaders will think twice before listening to globalist agitators who want to exploit them in order to harm the United States.