Attack On Trump Children

PUBLISHED: 7:35 PM 3 Oct 2018

Whoopi Goldberg Suggests Trump Jr.’s Sons May Be Future Predators

She made the disgusting comment on his 7-year-old's birthday of all days.

While appearing on The View, Whoopi Goldberg made a disturbing remark about Trump Jr.'s sons.

Perhaps one of the only things that liberals are actually skilled at is their ability to spread disgusting, hateful messages. On Tuesday, actress and ‘comedian’ Whoopi Goldberg resorted to an all-time low, even for the left, in claiming that President Donald Trump’s grandsons may grow up to be sexual predators.

Yet Donald Trump Jr. was quick to defend his sons in saying that Goldberg is ‘truly sick’ for making such a vile claim.

Upon being asked about the controversy surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Trump Jr. expressed concern about the entirety of the #MeToo era considering who it affects most.

During the interview, he claimed that the movement is ‘scary,’ referencing Kavanaugh who is being accused of sexual assault despite there never being proof of such.

When asked ‘who’ the movement could be most detrimental to pertaining to his children, Trump Jr. ultimately said his sons. He continued that ‘political,’ false allegations can also be harmful to the credibility of legitimate victims who may be taken less seriously.

Upon playing a clip of the interview on The View on Tuesday, show host Whoopi Goldberg added commentary about why she believes Trump Jr. is more worried about his sons than his daughters pertaining to accusations.

She theorized that a parent would only have such concerns unless their children have ‘tendencies’ to commit such despicable crimes.

“If you think your child is not someone who is assaulting people, it shouldn’t be a concern for you,” she said.

Yet Trump Jr.’s three sons are all very young, making Goldberg’s commentary highly inappropriate to claim of Spencer Frederick Trump, Tristan Milos Trump, and Donald Trump III, ages 5, 7, and 9, respectively.

Even more disgusting is that Goldberg made the suggestion on October 2, Tristan Trump’s seventh birthday.

However, Trump Jr., along with many other men and parents, are in fact frightened by the degree to which liberals are attempting to slander Kavanaugh.

Thankfully, perhaps representing the only voice of reason in the conversation, fellow commentator Abby Huntsman interjected that males being “falsely accused” is a legitimate concern, explaining that there have been “countless examples” of such.

To this, another commentator, Joy Behar, demanded, “Like who?”

The conversation continued with the feminists addressing sexual assault concerns while Huntsman rightfully retorted that “evidence matters.”

While most of the nation has been divided on the circumstances surrounding Kavanaugh, on Wednesday, Trump Jr. fired back at Goldberg’s comments surrounding his sons in tweeting: “@WhoopiGoldberg when your political views are so warped that you 1. Defend a child rapist cuz they agree with you, while 2. attacking children whose parents don’t, it may be time to seek professional help. Truly sick.”

Admittedly, that is exactly what Goldberg is doing unless she truly believes that children ages five through nine can be sexual assaulters.

Part two of Trump Jr.’s concern surrounded Goldberg defending former director Roman Polanski who was accused and convicted himself.

In 2009, the host of The View claimed that the allegations against Polanski could not be considered “rape-rape” but was instead “something else.”

Of course, anyone uttering such a statement in 2018 who be shamed by democrats and #MeToo feminists now claiming sexual assault if a man accidentally brushes against them or, God forbid, looks at them the wrong way.

While such may seem dramatic, this is seemingly how feminists think in the current culture which is placing too high an emphasis on assault survivors who did not come forward at the time.

When Huntsman attempted to explain how ridiculous accusations of such have become, the remaining women responded immediately, with the fourth host, Sunny Hostin, claiming that it was wrong of Trump Jr. to express concern for his sons’ futures given that such was based on the assumption that Kavanaugh is innocent.

Using her ‘experience’ in being a “former sex crimes prosecutor,” she explained that cases of such nature often lack concrete evidence.

Hostin also claimed that “rape is the least reported crime in the country” and that only “about two percent of those allegations are false,” so, statistically, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accurately accused the Supreme Court nominee.

While one would think that as a former prosecutor for sex crimes, of all people, she would have explained that perpetrators are almost always teens or adults and that Goldberg was clearly out of line in insinuating otherwise.

Yet is not unusual on behalf of the left considering that feminists defending Roe v. Wade have turned Kavanaugh’s nomination into a sex scandal, and now, with Kavanaugh’s accusers having questionable credibility, are attacking others on the right.

However, to bring politicians’ innocent children into it in such a way is highly despicable.

Unfortunately, the likely false accusations do have many parents worried about their children’s futures, especially if they have sons.

Sexual assault used to be a crime which most frequently affected females. However, as seen throughout the recent circus act put on by democrats, now males can face repercussions from allegations of such, especially if related to a conservative politician.