Election Rig Orchestrators

PUBLISHED: 1:30 PM 25 Oct 2021
UPDATED: 5:30 PM 25 Oct 2021

Who Actually Controlled The Election Rig? Lawsuit Questions Illuminate Deep State ‘Fourth Branch’

Still wondering who ordered the states to stop counting that night when America was stolen from the people?

Yes. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Who really controlled the election rig? Who ordered the states to stop counting when it was evident that President Trump had yet again beat the rigging algorithms?

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Emerald Robinson has detailed a court filing in Colorado against Dominion Election Services. [Full Article Here] Within the filing there are some very interesting details worth reviewing:

…”[Dominion] has not waged its Lawfare campaign as only a corporate citizen, but also as a state–actor, i.e., the government. OVS is a state–actor because States across the United States have outsourced their constitutional obligation to run elections by deferring to [Dominion’s] professional experience and contracting out the administration, collection, counting, recording, and auditing of ballot results through voting technology, software, and thousands of hours of technical and election services.

For example, Georgia paid [Dominion] roughly $90,000,000 for a complete, end–to–end election solution in their Master Solution contract. In the Master Solution, Georgia specifically stated “[t]he unique abilities, knowledge, and skills of [Dominion] constitute a material inducement for State entering into this Agreement.” Such reliance and partnership between [Dominion] and States, according to which [Dominion] itself takes the place of the government, makes [Dominion’s] conduct of elections and all its related activities a state-action. The administration, collection, counting, recording, and auditing of ballot results in elections are inherently a traditional, exclusive public function. So not only have these Americans received Letters from a corporate citizen with tens of millions in annual revenue and private equity support, but they have also been threatened by, in effect, the government itself.”  (read more)