WH Tree Damaged

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 25 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 5:23 PM 25 Dec 2018

White House Tree Damaged By ‘Rouge’ Climber Goes Dark, So Private Foundation Steps In

Rather than allow the tree to remain unlit, a private foundation has provided the funds to repair the damage and keep the lights on until the New Year.

Rather than stay dark, the White House Christmas tree is back on after a private foundation provided the funds to repair damage caused by a rouge climber.

The National Christmas Tree, occupying a place on the White House grounds, will be reopened to the public today after two incidents combined to darken it on Friday and Saturday.

In addition to the government shutdown, which froze all moneys for public parks, a ‘rouge’ climber damaged the tree in an unknown way.

After the damage, it was unclear whether the tree could be fixed in time for Christmas. However, rather than wait for the government, the private sector stepped in to ensure that the tree stayed lighted for the holiday.

“The National Park Foundation, a nonprofit that is the official charity to help private money improve the national park system, gave the National Park Service enough money both to investigate the damage caused by the climber, and keep the park open and lighted through Jan. 1, it announced Monday.”

The National Park Foundation’s support to President’s Park is one example of how private philanthropy can help support national parks when they need it most,” Will Shafroth, president of the National Park Foundation, told reporters.

First, after democrats refused to pass reasonable border security in the new budget, the government shutdown began on midnight, Saturday.

The day before, an unidentified man scaled about 15-20 feet of the tree, damaging it and the lights, according to police.

A National Park Service spokeswoman told The Washington Post on Friday that the tree lights would remain off while the damage the man caused was assessed.

So, the tree was closed over the weekend, fueling a barrage of news reports making it a symbol against President Trump.

“The National Park Service said through spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles that the tree was closed from the climbing incident but that the shutdown on Dec. 22 ‘complicated efforts’ to fix the issue.”

But yesterday, on Christmas Eve, the foundation delivered a cash donation, allowing the area to be reopened, and the tree relighted and managed through the New Year.

The total cost is $1,470 a day, which many people agree is only a tiny, tiny amount of the trillions required to operate the bloated government each year and the $12 million deficit Obama left.

One additional piece of bad news is that workers were not able to repair the star at the top of the tree, so it will remain unlit.

However, the fact that the private sector stepped in to ensure that this public park remained open says a lot about what the American people can do when unencumbered by overreaching, wasteful government protocol.