White House Ruckus

PUBLISHED: 3:09 PM 19 Oct 2018

White House Show Down: Kelly And Bolton Get Into Screaming Match

According to the media ‘sources,’ John Kelly and John Bolton had a shouting match outside the Oval office over the caravan.

The media is reporting a White House brawl between John Kelly and John Bolton, but the president denies hearing about it.

In articles published by the Wall Street Journal and CNN, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton allegedly got into a profanity-laced brawl outside the Oval Office yesterday. Sources said West Wing staff was startled by the confrontation.

According to the general report, the men disagreed about the newest migrant invasion force and whether the GOP should use it as a midterm election message.

Apparently yesterday, President Trump sided with Bolton’s view of the issue that America needed to thwart the incursion.

President Trump tweeted that he was ready to call out the military and even close the border against the “onslaught,” which, given the fact that nearly 100 ISIS members have recently been arrested in Guatemala, seems an appropriate response to most Americans.

Trump said later that he hadn’t heard about the so-called shouting match, as he prepared to leave for rallies.

“That, I have not heard about,” the president stated.

According to the WSJ, the argument involved Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Kelly’s support of her. Of course, the sources relating the incident have not been named.

The President is taking a hard stance against the invasion. “I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught – and if unable to do so I will call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!” the president wrote yesterday morning.

Citing the danger of the migrant caravan, Judicial Watch reported, “Earlier this year Judicial Watch exposed a secret program—started by Obama and continued by Trump— that quietly relocates illegal immigrants to different parts of the country on commercial flights. Years earlier Judicial Watch uncovered a similar DHS initiative that transported illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and released them without proper processing.”

Such danger of ISIS and other criminal elements included in the caravan makes Trump’s stance a good thing, most Americans agree.

And, most people also recognize that having two strong wills battling to advise the President can only benefit the country, because it banishes the groupthinking that could insulate him.