FBI Report Released

PUBLISHED: 3:40 PM 4 Oct 2018

White House: No Corroboration Of Allegations Against Kavanaugh

Senate Judiciary Committee members will review the docs first, then the full Senate can view them in the vault.

White House reveals no evidence in FBI report to corroborate allegations against Kavanaugh.

The White House announced on Thursday that it sent the FBI report to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and that the bureau found no evidence to support allegations that Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sexually inappropriate toward women almost four decades ago.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the report will be reviewed by Committee members first, then the full Senate will be able to read the report in the vault. Only the 100 U.S. Senators can read the report, no one from their staffs. Soon after the report was delivered, top GOP Senators said a full vote on Kavanaugh will happen on Saturday.

It seems as if the left’s reprehensible tactics to stall the confirmation have failed.

The FBI contacted 10 potential witnesses, and interviewed nine people in total. The bureau didn’t interview Christine Blasey Ford or Kavanaugh because they both testified before the Committee last Thursday for several hours.

Ford accused Kavanaugh of groping her at a high school party around 1983, but she has no evidence or witnesses to support her claims. Kavanaugh has also strongly denied the claim, and even alleged witnesses at the party have refuted Ford’s claims.

Prior to the White House sending the report to Congress, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed for cloture, a procedural motion to end all debate on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

McConnell said the Senate will clear cloture by Friday, and will hold a full Senate vote on Kavanaugh over the weekend, with Saturday being the likely day.

On Thursday, McConnell delivered a fiery rebuke to obstructionist Democrats who have been using unverified allegations to drag Kavanugh’s name and reputation through the mud.

“I want to make it clear to these people who are chasing my members down the hall here, or harassing them at the airport or going to their homes, we will not be intimidated by these people. There’s no chance in the world they’re gonna scare us out of doing our duty. I don’t care how many members they chase, how many people they harass here in the halls. I want to make one thing perfectly clear, we will not be intimidated by these people.”

McConnell then blasted Democrats for moving the goal posts.

“Democrats may be trying to move the goal posts every five minutes, but their goal has not moved an inch. They will not be satisfied unless they have brought down Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. If my friends across the aisle had their way the goalposts would move the vote to another time zone.”

As many have been arguing for weeks, the FBI investigation didn’t change anything. Not one Democrat will likely change their vote, and nothing changes about the allegations against Kavanaugh — they are unverified.

But the circus orchestrated by Democrats has ignited conservative voters across the country. The brutal violence conducted by leftists over this incident has disgusted many people, on both sides of the aisle.

Many people realize this could also have backfiring consequences on Democrats and their goal of retaking Congress, as voters are furious over their smear tactics.

The FBI report shows no corroboration for the allegations against Kavanaugh, meaning all of the theatrics and smear campaign from Democrats was all for naught.