PUBLISHED: 6:38 PM 7 Feb 2017

White House Hardens Anti-Media Stance, Releases Special Report To Set The Record Straight

White House Hardens Anti-Media Stance Releases Special Report To Set The Record Straight

They Released A Special Report!

International terror is something that most Americans worry about on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to the threat of terror groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood, American citizens are worried about their safety.

It also doesn’t help when the media refuses to release details about the attacker, or cover the incident for a meaningful amount of time. That is what the Donald Trump White House believes. Trump’s opposition to the mainstream media is nothing new, but his White House upped the game by discussing terror attacks.

The White House released a list on Monday night consisting of terror attacks they believe were underreported by the media. Considering all the attention that they place on Trump for his executive orders, campaign promises, and pretty much anything related to Trump, they don’t make a tremendous amount of time for terror attacks.

CNN’s Jim Acosta said that his producer was given a full list of 78 terror attacks outside of the White House. While he didn’t read the full list on air, Acosta said that it included attacks like the ones in Paris, Brussels, Nice, Istanbul and San Bernardino.

Nice, France Terror Attack. Do We Want Our Streets To Look Like This?

The Nice Attack Was Among Those Covered

Looking at the attacks that were mentioned, all but one of them occurred outside out of the United States. Another common thread is that most of these attacks saw a high amount of casualties. The Nice attack saw over 80 people killed, the Paris attacks saw nearly 130 people die, and the San Bernardino attacks saw 14 people killed and an addition 22 people injured.

Dan Merica said that a White House official told him that “most of these attacks did not receive adequate attention from Western media sources.” All of the attacks have occurred since 2014, when President Obama was still in office.

President Trump was at the MacDill Air Force Base on Monday night, which is also the headquarters of the U.S. Central Command. There, Trump accused the “dishonest press” of failing to comprehensively cover terror attacks. It’s a little hard to fathom, considering the terror threats that are out there right now.

“It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even reported, and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t even want to report it,” Trump said. Not reporting on a terror attack is something that shouldn’t ever occur, and yet I can remember not hearing a tremendous amount about the Nice attack, the Paris attack, or even the San Bernardino attack.

Donald Trump is well-known for his difficult relationship with the American mass media

Trump Has Had His Issues With The Media Before

Later in the evening, while aboard Air Force Once, White House press secretary Sean Spicer defended Trump’s statements, saying that terrorist attacks “aren’t exactly covered to a degree on which they should be.” That is dangerous to hear because it sounds like the media doesn’t want to inform the public when there is a giant threat occurring.

“[The president] felt members of the media don’t always cover some of those events to the extent that other events might get covered,” Spicer said. Again, these are attacks that kill dozens to hundreds of people, and the after effects of the attack are magnified to a heightened level as well.

“Protests will get blown out of the water, and yet an attack or a foiled attack doesn’t necessarily get the same coverage.” He has a point, considering that all you’ve been hearing on the news media these days are protests to Trump’s executive orders.

The amounts of protests that have occurred in the first few weeks of Trump’s presidency are unparalleled. In his 10 days alone there were protests against his inauguration, his Cabinet members, and the first of his orders. The media covered these protests immensely as you couldn’t go a day without hearing about it.

What makes this worse is the fact that these protests are occurring in the face of Trump just trying to make the nation safer. Look at the nations that he banned; they were all terror hotspots.

Apparently, last Saturday, Trump had five calls with world leaders. But, the call with Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, did not go well – and Trump told him so.

Trump Suspended The Nations With Terror Hotspots

He also wanted to improve the vetting process, considering that even President Obama has admitted that terror groups use the refugee program to infiltrate the nations they want to attack. So protesters are attacking the decision to make the nation safer? It doesn’t make sense, but that is what they are doing, and that is what the media wants to report on.

As stated before, former President Obama knew that ISIS was using the refugee program as a way to get into the United States. What makes this worse is the fact that he did nothing to stop the flow. In fact, Obama did the opposite and actually invited MORE refugees into the nation. Way to keep the nation safe.

Considering that ISIS has infiltrated the refugee program and we have seen attacks carried out by their agents, President Trump ordered the re-investigation of all Syrian refugees that were admitted by President Obama. It’s a way to make sure that the country is safe from incoming terrorist attacks. If they want to protest that, then the liberals really need a reality check.

Share this article with your friends and family to show that the White House has called out the media again for their inability to report on the terror attacks. They provided a full list of 78 attacks that were underreported by the mainstream media. That is just one more thing that Americans have to worry about now.