WH Statement On FBI Testimony

PUBLISHED: 6:24 PM 14 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 11:13 PM 14 Feb 2018

White House Confirms, FBI Director Testimony Matches Previous Statements

WH Press Secretary Sanders clarified the timeline.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders shuts down the press pool after they fail to hear what's happening.

On Tuesday, multiple intelligence directors gave testimony to members of Congress. Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray gave a statement that lit a fire under liberal media.

In a White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders made sure it was clear that the testimony given by Wray matched the previous official statement by the White House.

Democrats and the left have been freaking out since the testimony was given. Screeching at the top of their lungs, the left pointed to discrepancies between Wray’s testimony and the official statement circulating about Rob Porter.

The former White House Secretary, Rob Porter was removed last week. After information came to light describing Porter as a wife beater, the White House moved swiftly to dismiss him.

Since the dismissal of the staffer, the liberal media has been on an endless campaign to discredit the president and his administration over the hiring. Claiming the long-standing allegations of domestic violence should have appeared in a background check, lawmakers and elected officials are accusing the president and his team of not conducting a proper vetting of Rob Porter.

The statements made to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday added fuel to the fire. Admitting a background check was conducted, Wray gave a detailed account of events that was misinterpreted by many.

Looking for a reason to hate the president, many of his opponents heard Director Wray confirm a background check on Porter was opened in July of 2017. Unable to wait for the rest of the sentence, critics of President Trump failed to hear the investigation was closed in January of 2018.

The liberal media took half a sentence and worked to create a narrative trying to smear the president. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders moved to set the record straight following the national security hearing.

The press pool was very eager to cite a previous official White House statement which declared Porter’s background check was interim and ongoing.

The strong Sarah Huckabee Sanders shut the impetus reporters down by declaring the timeline is consistent.

The background checks and hire information would have been sent to the personnel security office. At the time of the statement, the office was still processing the paperwork.

No recommendation had been made by the personnel security office by the time news about Rob Porter’s domestic assault came to light.

After making it clear to the mass of reporters, the press briefing continued. Still confused and excited about all the information, some in the press pool pushed for even more details.

Sanders confirmed the personnel security office received the final background check in November. The office, she asserted, did not make a recommendation with the information it was provided.

Sarah Sanders ended her statement declaring absolutely all accounts of the issue align.

The debacle has raised concerns over the security clearance process. The security office was conducting further investigations for months while Porter continued to work inside the White House.

The vetting process itself could pose a security risk. Someone accused of violent dispositions was allowed continue his work near the president after federal agents had become aware of the accusations.  

Using a temporary clearance to perform his duties, Porter had access to sensitive state information.

There are dozens of staffers in senior positions using a temporary clearance. The slow approval process is another example of the deep state fighting the president.

President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is one of the high-level advisors who has continued to operate without a completed background check. While Kushner may not pose a threat to the president, not everyone has been so thoroughly vetted.

There is a possibility that deep state actors are allowing potentially hostile agents to work within the White House.

More than a year into his administration, the president is still struggling to get his staff processed and approved. Delaying the approval of key appointees, the swamp in Washington has been able to hinder the president’s agenda.

After a string of train accidents leaving multiple people dead and injured, Senate members were forced to approve President Trump’s nominee to be the federal railroad administrator. Ronald Batory was approved months after his nomination.

It took a national embarrassment and multiple lives being lost to get Senate to act.

President Trump continues to fight the deep state and is slowly draining the swamp. The president is gaining ground on pushing back against the unelected bureaucracy.