PUBLISHED: 9:12 PM 29 Sep 2016

White House Admits They Let Syrian Refugees With ZERO Vetting

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Obama’s White House Admits That They Don’t Really Check Syrian Refugees

One of the big talking points of the election this year has been what to do with the Syrian refugees. The Democrats want to take in as many as they can while the Republicans are being cautious about it.

It’s understandable on why they are being cautious. These refugees are coming from a country that is high on Islam and doesn’t necessarily like the United States. However that doesn’t seem to faze the Democrats.

In fact it doesn’t faze them at all. Last week a memo from the Department of Homeland Security admitted that they were allowing refugees to come into the United States based on their testimony alone.


They Admitted That They Were Letting In Refugees Based On Testimony

The memo that was released last week said, “refugee fraud is easy to commit, yet not easy to investigate.” Basically these people could just say that they were the person that was trying to get in and that would be sufficient enough to allow them into the country.

They weren’t looking for anything else! Well that was just from a memo last week, but yesterday Senator Ted Cruz confirmed it. He was questioning a top DHS official during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing when he read part of a DHS memo.

The memo stated that the “refugee program is particularly vulnerable of fraud due to loose evidentiary requirements where at times the testimony of an applicant alone is sufficient for approval.” Cruz was questioning the director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, Leon Rodriguez, who tried to argue that someone who didn’t know or understand the process wrote the document.

However Cruz refused to back down and continued to question him, asking at one point if it is “true or false that the testimony of the applicant alone can be sufficient for approval?”


Cruz Refused To Back Down

Rodriguez replied with, “It is considered, it depends on the case.” He also tried to go into more detail but Cruz wasn’t playing games. “Mr. Rodriguez, it’s a very simple question. …Is it true or false that the testimony of the applicant alone can be sufficient for approval?”

Finally after a third time of being pressed, Rodriguez answered the question. “I am acknowledging that yes, testimony can be the basis for the grant of a refugee but it needs to be tested against other information that we know—about the country conditions, at a minimum.”

This testimony proves two things. It shows that people are just letting in refugees based on what they say and only that, and it shows that Obama’s plan is coming together.

Ever since Obama first stepped foot into the White House, he has wanted to turn the United States into a Muslim country. He was just looking for the right time to act and then this refugee crisis happened. And there is sufficient evidence to back this up.

Obama's Muslim Integration Plan Is Now In Effect

Obama’s Muslim Integration Plan Is Now In Effect

Whenever there is a terrorist attack committed by an Islamic radical, normally you would expect the leader of the nation to address it. However Obama never says “radical Islamic terrorism.” What could be the reason for that? Well it’s simple; He is defending his own religion!

Now there are confirmed reports that the DHS doesn’t properly screen the Syrian refugees! Those Syrian refugees are mostly Muslims and come from areas that practice Sharia law! So if you put two and two together, it shows that President Obama is trying to turn the United States into another country that practices Sharia law.

This has been his plan since he was elected into office back in 2008. It is hard to deny the evidence. What kind of leader doesn’t acknowledge that radical Islamic people are the reason for these terrorist attacks? The only answer is a leader that wants to bring more Muslims into the country.

Now it seems that the other members of Obama’s administration are forced to admit this. Why else would a top ranking DHS official attempt to lie to Congress about how they bring in Syrian refugees? That would be because he wants to see Obama’s actions carried out.

However that is something that the United States cannot afford. Look at how many radical terrorist attacks there have been from refugees. We need to wake up and do something about this before the United States turns into another Muslim country.

Refugees Riot In Paris

Look At How Many Terrorist Attacks Have Come From Refugees

If you want proof on why this is a bad idea, just look across the ocean and see what Germany is going through with all the refugees that they have accepted. They have seen too many terrorist attacks, their refugees refuse to work, and they are going around raping the German women there.

Unless you want to start seeing the same effects happening here, then there is one way to stop this. We need to have Donald Trump in office. Trump is the only candidate that supports a ban on refugees until a proper system can be in place that will accurately determine the terrorists from the other people.

Right now we have a system that just lets you in based on what you say. That means if someone is a good actor, then they can get through. Well if that happens then we can expect to see more terrorist attacks in the United States. We need Trump now more than ever.

Its Not About Race Its About Reality

This Is Why We Need Trump Now More Than Ever

Share this article to show what President Obama’s plan has been all along. Now we have confirmation that they are accepting refugees based only on what they say. And if you consider the fact that Obama has said that the United States will import more of these refugees next year, it really shows the risk that the people of the United States are under.

Right now we need a leader who is going to make a plan that will ban these refugees from coming into the United States. You’re certainly not going to get that from Hillary Clinton. So the only available option is Trump. So get out and vote for Trump, unless you want to start praying to Allah.