White Dem Claims Black

PUBLISHED: 6:13 PM 13 Apr 2018

White Dem Makes Announcement, “I’m A Member Of The African-American Community”

He went on to reassure black citizens that he had been where they are.

A smiling member of the black community...?

When race-bending activist and former NAACP leader, Rachel Dolezal, not only posed as a black person when she was not but stood by the ploy, it was news that everyone spoke about. When she decided to make a documentary that took two years to film as her son was humiliated by the whole ordeal, more head shaking took place. Well, the Daily Caller has just informed the world that she is not alone in such foolishness.

Gary Shipman is a democratic candidate for the House of Representatives in North Carolina who is “saying he is a member of the black community.”  There is just one small catch, he is white.

The News & Observer even noted that he is not concerned about diversity “because he has already experienced it as a member of the African-American community” so clearly understands what they might need. This was his rebuttal to a question asked about his campaign and it seems to actually add to the confusion instead of clearing it up.

Now certainly, there are countless white people who have lived (or do live) in what are often called “black neighborhoods” and they feel perfectly at home there. That is actually a wonderful thing that America needs to see far more of. However, what this house hopeful seems to be doing is pandering, not praising.

He sounded far more like Rachel Dolezal when he said, “I’m a member of the African-American community. I’ve been where you are. I’ve been in your communities.

The words were said at an outreach event, and while the statements were not meant to sound as hollow as leftover Easter candy rabbits, they did. Leaders of “Suit Up Wilmington Outreach” had contacted Shipman and at the talk, he was asked about diversity and how he would energize the black vote.

One of the main problems seen in America today is that there even is a black vote, a white vote, or any vote except for the people’s vote. The United States would find itself doing much better if this were not the case, but at no point did Shipman bring this fact to light.

A female candidate had said that she was going to venture into black communities to raise awareness of her bid for office and that was when Shipman made his statements. He felt that he was already welcomed since he was clearly (?) a member of their community.

Once again, democrats won’t stand proudly and say that there is one community and that is the American community. The rest of the nonsense is simply a furthering of racial divides and race-baiting.

In his defense, he was quick to say that he does not think himself to be black. “I’ve eaten at many a fish fry held by my ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters,’ ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ in that community; I’ve celebrated birthdays, births, marriages, graduations, Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4, etc., with many members of the African-American community,” he added.

Shipman is opposing GOP Representative Holly Grange over the fact that “it is indeed time for our priorities to shift back towards the things that our state and region have historically stood for and represented, as WECT News has quoted him as saying.

While diversity is to be praised and Shipman may well be a true friend of all races, it is time that America looks beyond such issues. Otherwise, voters will keep finding reasons to support the candidate who promises the most without really making the United States more united at all.