PUBLISHED: 4:18 PM 8 Jan 2018

“We’ve Lost Control”: Public Deceived, Official Faces Legal Action For Exposing Migrant Truth

Swedish policeman Peter Springare is warning refugees have taken over.

After many countries throughout Europe took in unvetted Muslim refugees who fled from the Middle East and Africa, Sweden is warning that they have completely “lost control.”

In an interview published on Oct. 20, Swedish policeman Peter Springare told Swedish journalist Katerina Janouch that the country has been overrun with crime and violence from Muslim migrants.

Springare told Janouch that Muslim refugees have made Sweden unsafe and destroyed many parts of the once tranquil nation, and he is warning that more mayhem is coming if more resources aren’t allocated to the dire issue.

“I am deeply concerned about the development. And I’m wondering how far it must go before people in decision-making positions and politicians wake up and see where we are heading,” Springare said.

“We’ve lost control. And in the next breath one says that this just spurts us, that we do not give in. That we’ll will work even harder. But that’s not the case either. Because I know how one is affected when exposed to threats. It certainly affects,” he added.

Muslim refugees are wrecking havoc across Europe.

He warned that the police department was depleted and lacked sufficient resources to combat the growing problem, adding that he fears Muslim migrants will only cease their violent actions when they have taken over the entire nation.

“People do not understand how bad it is. And you can not ask them to understand, because they do not get the correct information. I dislike that,” Springare said.

Springare said he believes the only way to get politicians to drop the political correctness and actually take meaningful action is to tell the Swedish people exactly how dire the situation is.

“However, if you speak of exactly how it is, you can make an opinion. Then politicians will get more mandates and support among the population to make radical decisions to address the problems. To sugarcoat never helps,” he added.

With the city apparently losing control, Springare is sounding the alarm that radical Islamic terrorists are on the verge of taking over Sweden.

Source: Katerina Magasin