Cohen Cries In Court

PUBLISHED: 4:45 PM 13 Dec 2018

Weeping Cohen Sentenced For ‘Campaign Finance’ Points Finger At Trump

Although a tearful and whining Michael Cohen blamed President Trump for being sentenced to three years in prison, a former member of the Federal Election Commission asserts that Cohen pleaded guilty to a crime he never committed, and the others did not involve Trump.

Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison.

A federal judge sentenced a crying Michael Cohen to three years in prison for pleading guilty to a number of crimes that democrats ignorantly believe will lead to problems for President Trump.

However, a former member of the Federal Election Commission has argued that Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations that were not crimes, and was pressured into it by Robert Mueller’s team of deep state players.

Cohen tearfully placed all the blame for his lying at the feet of Donald Trump, but the accusations seem hollow.

He claimed his own “blind loyalty” to Trump, “directed” him to engage in one of the crimes he pleaded guilty to committing, but experts agree that is wasn’t a crime, and historically, the actions have never been a crime. Not when Obama engaged in the exact same process, nor when John Edwards was prosecuted by the Justice Department for the same actions, but was found not guilty.

“An anguished Cohen pleaded with a Judge William Pauley to be able to stay out of jail, and expressed regret for trying to cover up Trump’s ‘dirty deeds.’”

Cohne was also ordered to “hand over to the government nearly $2 million in combined restitution and fines” for his tax fraud.

“I will continue to cooperate” with investigators, Cohen pledged.

However, a former Election Commission member is arguing that Cohen’s guilty pleas are ‘irrelevant’ to the fate of Donald Trump.

“In my judgment – as someone who served for two years as a member of the Federal Election Commission – the campaign finance law violations Cohen pleaded guilty to committing, allegedly at Donald Trump’s direction, aren’t really violations.”

He explained the facts are confusing “because the media lump all the charges Cohen pleaded guilty to together when explaining this complex case. But in reality, Cohen was sentenced Wednesday in U.S. District Court in New York City on several separate and unrelated charges.”

Cohen pleaded guilty to multiple counts of business and tax fraud, but those crimes have absolutely nothing to do with Trump.

“In addition, Cohen was sentenced on his guilty pleas to violating campaign finance law on Trump’s behalf – an action that, as I will explain, I believe was not really a crime at all.

“And finally, Cohen’s sentence included punishment for his guilty plea to making false statements to Congress regarding failed efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

“The applicable federal sentencing guidelines for the crimes Cohen pleaded guilty to call for a prison sentence ranging from just over four years to just over five years.”

“It’s critically important to understand that the crimes Cohen was sentenced for Wednesday have not revealed any evidence relevant to the allegations of possible Trump campaign-Russia collusion that Mueller was appointed to investigate.

Cohen’s guilty plea to lying to Congress concerned his account of negotiations on behalf of the Trump organization to build a marquee property in Moscow – a deal Trump has been working on for 30 years, albeit unsuccessfully.

“Cohen originally said those negotiations ended in January 2016 and did not involve members of the Trump Organization – including Donald Trump. But he now says the negotiations ended in June 2016 and that members of the Trump Organization – including then-presidential candidate Trump – were briefed on the talks.

“Because Cohen lied to Congress, he is now paying the price for doing so, as he should. The real estate negotiations for a Trump Tower in Russia were perfectly legal, although the timing could have proven embarrassing to Trump’s presidential campaign.

“Cohen would not have been pleading guilty in federal court on this real estate negotiation if he had simply told the truth.”

So this is the real issue. Cohen, not President Trump, is a liar. The only thing that really concerns the White House is the campaign finance guilty plea.

“Many campaign finance law experts and fellow former commissioners of the Federal Election Commission agree with me that Cohen’s did not commit an actual violation of federal law.

“Cohen has stated he arranged hush-money payments to two women – adult-film actress Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal – to not make public their unproven allegations of extramarital affairs with Donald Trump years ago. Trump has denied the allegations.

“It’s my belief as a former Federal Election Commission member that such payments were not ‘campaign-related’ – and therefore the rules and regulations governing campaign contributions don’t apply.

“In fact, the only time the Justice Department has ever tried to make such a claim before – against former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina – the Justice Department lost.

“Furthermore, the Federal Election Commission – an independent federal agency responsible for civil enforcement of campaign finance law – didn’t consider the hush-money donations to the Edwards campaign to be campaign-related expenditures when it audited the Edwards campaign.”

Basically, Cohen was persuaded to plead guilty to an action that doesn’t violate the law, and many people recognize it was for the sole reason of having liberal talking points.

“Convicting Donald Trump of a criminal campaign finance violation will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Just as Edwards was found not guilty, the same is likely to happen to President Trump if he is charged while he is president or after he leaves the White House.

“As for the claim the hush-money payments would be an impeachable offense, members of Congress would have to explain why prior cases in which campaigns like that of Barack Obama paid civil penalties to the Federal Election Commission for violations of federal campaign finance law were not grounds for impeachment.”

U.S. District Judge William H. Pauley agreed Cohen was motivated by “personal greed and ambition” during the sentencing.

But nothing in the charges “provides any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to affect the outcome of the 2016 election, or that Trump violated campaign finance law. And even Trump’s bitterest opponents don’t claim he had any role in Cohen’s taxi business.”

So, the fact remains that these guilty pleas don’t amount to much, but that isn’t stopping the left-wing mind-controllers from spouting their lies.