PUBLISHED: 9:45 PM 13 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 9:46 PM 13 Nov 2017

Week 10 Of NFL Season Reveals Reality As Fans UNITE, Holiday Protests Factor

Another week of Roger Goodell doing nothing to salvage the league.

Another week of Roger Goodell doing nothing to salvage the league.

Another week of Roger Goodell doing nothing to salvage the league.

America is speaking to the NFL. Sponsors are hearing the anger, so are venues that normally show the games. Even sports networks know there is trouble, to avoid it, some of them are just avoiding the National Anthem completely. The only people not hearing what the country is saying are the players.

As the kneeling “protests” continued, incredibly, ever over Veterans Day weekend, social media users are providing proof that America is still speaking. The persistence of the spoiled players simply demonstrates they are completely self-absorbed.

The NFL is in Week 10 and picture from the games on social media are rock solid evidence that America is standing strong.

The kneeling was toned down this week. Three players openly disgraced veterans by taking a knee. Eric Reid and Marquise Goodwin of the 49ers and Olivier Vernon of the Giants all chose a meaningless gesture over the people that gave them the right to do so in the first place.

Among those who were smart enough to let it go for a weekend was Tennessee Titans receiver Rishard Matthews, Pittsburgh Steelers Alejandro Villanueva, and Washington Redskins Josh Norman. While they have been part of the ongoing problem, they deserve credit for doing the right thing this time. Of course, that doesn’t erase the past 9 weeks.

Meanwhile, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has done little to stem the bleeding. He has not addressed the issue of kneeling or tried to end it. He does have time to renegotiate his contract though. His demands include almost $20 million more a year and the use of a private jet. He will be flying commercial if the league collapses around him.

Some of the games this weekend were long-time rivalries, those that would normally pack the stands. Americans don’t want to sit and watch players anymore. Years of loyalty ended when millionaires started complaining about racism and inequality.

Will the players who abandoned their “protests” this weekend go back to them? It is difficult to say. Perhaps Veterans Day gave them the way out they were looking for. On the other hand, they have proven to be slow learners so we will wait and see.

Source: Breitbart