PUBLISHED: 6:57 PM 28 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 7:00 PM 28 Nov 2017

“Weak And Out Of Control”: Trump Weighs In On NFL, SLAMS League As Protests Rage

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't seem to be concerned about the freefall his league is in.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t seem to be concerned about the freefall his league is in.

Will there ever be a day when liberals can admit that President Trump has been repeatedly correct in his predictions?

No, even when the proof is provided in hard number form, they will never accept it, even among themselves. Instead, they continue to dig themselves deeper with America, ignoring the obvious.

The NFL players must have learned from politicians as they continue to defy logic and the loud signs from the people who made them rich. President Trump slammed the NFL and the players in a tweet this morning but his words are solidly backed up with the rating numbers from Monday Night Football.

Week 12 of football is here and fans are still resoundingly making their feelings known. The Monday Night Football game rated a “6.0 in metered markets.” That gives it the honor of being the lowest rated MNF game of the year.

The devastation doesn’t end there though. Deadline Hollywood reports;

“To add more context, last night’s MNF dipped 2% from the previous season low of the October 16 matchup between the winning Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts.”

Perhaps players assumed that America couldn’t stay away? They must have believed that they could do and say anything they pleased because they are athletes who make millions. Americans are repeatedly showing them the error in that thinking. Either they aren’t listening or they just don’t care. If that is the case it is yet another reason to continue the boycott.

Are players paying attention at all?

The problem will come when contracts are being negotiated and salaries debated. The NFL needs viewers, not the other way around. They can’t gouge fans with the price of tickets if nobody is buying them.

Surely some of these players must realize where their money comes from?

President Trump is right here, as he often is. America is fed up and the longer that it takes players to realize that, the fewer people are going to come back when they decide to finally get off their knees.

It may already be too late.

Source: MSN