Patriot Executed In Portland

PUBLISHED: 3:43 PM 31 Aug 2020

“We Got One Right Here!”’ Video Shows Planned Execution Of Trump Supporter

It took democrats over 24 hours to ‘condemn’ this ‘peaceful’ act of violence.

Sick and evil. (Source: Andy Ngo Twitter Screenshot)

Video and audio of the execution of a Trump supporter in Portland on Saturday night is being released, with new footage showing someone call out that Antifa has “got one right here!”

In fact, although the audio is slightly unintelligible at one point, it sounds as if the person says they have a “trumper,” immediately before the deadly shots ring out.

Antifa celebrated the slaying.

Warning: Graphic violence

Townhall reported:

On Saturday night, a day after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler again refused President Trump’s offer to help end the violence and mayhem in the city, a pro-Trump and Blue Lives Matter supporter was gunned down in cold blood.

Friends say Jay Bishop, whose real name was Aaron Danielson, was the man gunned down in the streets of Portland Saturday night. Bishop was a pro-Trump supporter and alleged member of Patriot Prayer, a group advocating for free speech and small government. The group is known to stage rallies in liberal-dominated areas.  

Journalist Andy Ngo reported that while the shooting remains under investigation and no suspect has yet to be identified, “the alleged shooter based on videos says he is antifa in his writings [and] has been at many of the Portland riots.”

President Trump retweeted a Twitter post that blamed Bishop’s death on Antifa, the ironically-named terrorist organization that has helped make Portland the hellhole it is today.

Rest In Peace Jay!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 30, 2020

According to Oregon Live, the identity of the shooting victim was confirmed by Andrew Duncomb, a black conservative who was knifed at a Portland protest back in June, and Joey Gibson, the leader of the Patriot Prayer group Bishop belonged to. Journalist Andy Ngo also confirmed Jay Bishop was the victim of the shooting.

The events leading up to Bishop’s death remain under investigation. But video of the shooting appears to capture a man shouting “We got [unintelligible] right here,” seconds before gunfire breaks out and Bishop is fatally shot.

Warning: Graphic Content 

y Bishop, Protland,

It sounds like someone is shouting, “We got a Trumper right here” just before the shots are fired and the man is killed.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 30, 2020

For months, Democrats have condoned the violence, mostly by denying its existence, while rioters have terrorized cities, killing people, beating bystanders, assaulting cops, burning buildings, looting businesses, tearing down statues, and vandalizing property.

On Sunday, both Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler were forced to acknowledge the violence and finally condemned it, but their apologies were immediately followed by gaslighting, seeking to blame the leftwing violence on President Trump and his so-called divisive rhetoric.