PUBLISHED: 9:28 PM 14 Nov 2016

We BARELY Escaped, Final Election Results Show Over 3 MILLION Illegals Voted Democrat


THREE MILLION Illegals Voted In This Election!

One of the highly contested issues of the election cycle has been if there was going to be voter fraud or not. After all, voting is one of the best rights that this country allows, but you have to be a citizen to vote.

As stated earlier, that was one of Republicans biggest fears. They were worried that there was going to be a tremendous amount of voter fraud happening and that it would change the outcome of the election. That didn’t seem to matter as Donald Trump won in a landslide against Hillary Clinton.

But now it is coming out that there was a massive amount of voter fraud that happened! And it came from illegal immigrants! You know, the people that aren’t supposed to be voting in ANY election considering that they are not legal citizens of the country?

But this actually means two things. The first is that there was widespread voter fraud and Trump was still able to win the election! The second is that the Liberals that are complaining that Clinton won the popular vote probably don’t have that leg to stand on anymore.


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According to Greg Phillips of the organization, there have been over three million votes that were cast by people who shouldn’t be voting in the slightest. “We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens. We are joining @TrueTheVote to initiate legal action. #unrigged.”

He also did an analysis of 180 MILLION voter registrations. And he discovered that the number of people who can’t vote is above three million. “Completed analysis of database of 180 million voter registrations. Number of non-citizen votes exceeds 3 million. Consulting legal team.”

Yes that last part is important because the fact that these illegals are voting means that there is voter fraud going on. And that is illegal! There should be action taken against them to make sure that it doesn’t happen again! This really could have turned the election around.

But this also takes away the liberals argument that Clinton won the popular vote in the election. That has been the basis of their protests for a long time now. As of current indications, she won the popular vote by 630,000 votes, but there are still around 7 million ballots that are uncounted.

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And you can bet that nearly all of the three million votes that illegal immigrants had were going to be for Clinton. And if you were to take that away, it means that Trump might have won the popular vote as well. And that would mean that the country REALLY spoke and said that they wanted Trump as the president of the United States.

Again this is significant because Clinton and President Obama were doing what they could to make sure that she ended up winning the presidential election. That included President Obama having a sit down interview where he encouraged illegals to vote without any sort of consequences whatsoever.

And apparently to Democrats that means dead people can vote too. On the day of the election there were four million dead people on United States voter rolls. They were literally doing whatever they could to make sure that Clinton was the winner and it backfired on them completely.

It also makes the protests that are going on throughout the United States look even worse than they already were. They kept saying that Trump didn’t win the popular vote and that he wasn’t the country’s true choice. Take all the dead and illegals voting, like what SHOULD have happened in the first place, and that statement becomes untrue.

Really think about this. There were over three million illegals that voted and there were four million dead people that were on the voter rolls. Put together that is seven million right there. Figure the vast majority of those people voted for Clinton and suddenly her 630,000 vote lead disappears in an instant. This is simple math and you can’t argue with the results!

Even though there are still seven million votes that need to be counted, it is highly unlikely that all seven million of them went to Clinton This is literally just proof that the election was attempted to be rigged in favor of Clinton. And yet with all that cheating, she still couldn’t win. And hopefully the people that are protesting this victory can get it through their heads that Trump won the popular vote as well.


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As stated before, there was a lot of concern about election rigging going on. In several of the swing states there were people that were doing all they could to make sure that votes that were submitted for Trump weren’t counted. This included them ripping up the ballots if they showed favor towards Trump! You can’t count a ballot if it never reaches its destination!

Of course this whole situation could have been avoided altogether. President Obama did have the chance to make sure that none of this fraud happened. After all, it would have been the right thing to do. But since this is Obama we are talking about, that never happened. He didn’t stop any of the election fraud going on and that is disturbing enough as it is.

Share this article to show people that there was in fact voter fraud going on during the election. There was three million illegal immigrants voting in the election and they were all for Clinton. Despite the fact that that happened, Trump still won the election.

Not only did Trump win the election, but he might have also won the popular vote as well. Clinton only had a 630,000 vote lead in the popular vote. Take away three million of those votes and she is losing to Trump. That is two races that Trump beat Clinton in. And maybe we can finally see the end of the protests that are going on, considering their main argument is that Clinton won the popular vote.