Newsweek Accused Of Fraud

PUBLISHED: 11:21 PM 2 Feb 2018

Watchdog Group Calls Out Newsweek, Claims Fraudulent Practices

It appears the company may have cheated to get the massive campaign.

Newsweek and International Business Times have been charged with defrauded the U.S. government.

The media corporation International Business Times (IBT) and their subsidiary, Newsweek Media Group, have been charged with federal crimes. Several of the media groups websites have been manipulating their internet traffic to engage in fraudulent behavior. New reports by watchdog groups have identified the fraudulent behavior.

Originating from illegal streaming websites online, the news websites were manufacturing ad revenue. After creating an artificial ad base, the company was able to secure a huge contract from the U.S. government.

According to reports from Thursday, independent ad fraud investigators released their research into internet traffic. Using fake views and clicks, the media group was contracted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP) to display video ads.

The independent group, Social Puncher, claims the traffic to whom the ads were exposed were indicative of cheap junk traffic and internet bots. Revealing the majority of the people seeing the ads were not actually visiting the site or not human at all.

The contracts awarded to many websites came under much criticism last year. The CFBP awarded more than $40 million dollars in contracts to a single company, democratic media strategist, GMMB.

Created in 2011 under Obama, the group was intended to protect consumers against the volatility of the stock market. Mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street regulations, the CFPB is part of the unelected bureaucracy of the deep state.

In a tweet President Trump announced the agency had been a complete disaster, and installed Mick Mulvaney as the new director. The agency went through turmoil and trepidation as the acting director attempting to deny Mulvaney of his position.

The former deputy director was promptly removed late last year. Director Mulvaney has declared that any accusation including fraud will be investigated to the utmost.

Tasked with identifying fraud, the independent agencies of DoubleVerify and Pixalate listed the IBT websites as conducting fraud or sophisticated form of invalid traffic. The group has been removed from multiple ad listings.

The accusations of fraud are the most recent in a long line of scandalous behavior. The company has had multiple allegations made against them over the past couple years.

The top editor of Newsweek Media Group, Dayan Candappa, was removed from Reuters after accusations of sexual assault. Other reports revealed the offices in Sydney were occupied by Philippino immigrants who denied working for the company.

Two weeks ago, the New York headquarters of Newsweek were raided by authorities. The district attorney’s office was reported as confiscating multiple computers and servers from the media organization.

Following the raid, investigations turned up $2 million in liens filed by the IRS. Targeting the cofounders of the group, free lance agents went on record saying they must wait months to receive their pay.

The corporation has to explain these financial discrepancies, after major layoffs in 2016. The company also has to face the accusations of funneling millions of dollars to a university owned by a nefarious Korean televangelist.

Despite the various accounts of lascivious behavior, the company was still able to get federal contracts. The CFPB paid to advertise on many liberal websites.

Trying to inform people about their rights when it comes to education and home financing, the agency sought to place ads on trying to reach a specific demographic. Aiming to reach a specific target of people, the bureaucracy was used by Obama administration officials with nefarious purposes.

Created in large part due to Senator Warren (D-MA), the agency has drawn much criticisms from republican lawmakers over financial decisions. Not subject to traditional oversight, the CFPB was intended to be an unaccountable agency promoting propaganda and regulating industry.

Warren was planning to become director of the agency after the planned victory of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. The strong animosity towards Director Mulvaney has spoken to the lengths of the corruption within with department.

President Obama set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as a means to extend the overreach in government powers. Being able to regulate industry and spend millions of tax dollars on ludicrous expenditures, the CFBP had become one of the most powerful agencies.

President Trump and his administration do not take accusations of fraud lightly. The people are seeking justice as the government enacts penalties on people who choose to steal money from the tax payers.