PUBLISHED: 10:45 PM 15 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:24 PM 15 Jan 2018

WATCH: State Funded Television Show Tells Children Pray To Allah As “Another Name For God” Taught To Christians

Sam Di Gangi by

Why has Jesus been banned as praising "Allah" is welcomed?

Why has Jesus been banned as praising “Allah” is welcomed?

Those who have kept their eyes on the pulse of the anti-God left have observed that the attack on the Bible was (and remains) a “one-two” punch. The first step is to do everything possible to eliminate the doctrine and truths of the historic Christian faith. The second blow lands when a false God is put in place, thus moving towards the ultimate goal of eliminating all acknowledgment of any god at all. Once that happens, greater control can be inflicted upon the masses.

Prison Planet shows us that children in Germany “must learn to pray to Allah, a soap opera recommended.” This makes it clear that the one-two shot is happening as German culture takes quite a beating.

In a “segment from Lindenstraße, a state-funded TV show,” a lady tells a boy that there is more than one name for God, and that the name is, “Allah.”  This is state-funded tv (much like PBS in the U.S.A.), so this is quite worrisome since Christ is all but a vulgarity on such networks.

Allah, say it, Allah,” says the script. “And from today on I would like that God, which we today call Allah, to become much more important in our lives, and that we pray to Allah and are grateful for all that we have…” That is right, Jesus Christ has been taken away from most western cultures as “offensive” as Islam is welcomed in.

For quite some time, those who have seen the culture war happening in real time have said that when the provable facts of the Christian faith is abolished, citizens will fall for any false doctrine as the new normal. That is what is happening here.

“All European countries have fought for their identity for many, many years,” reminds  Smiths frontman Morrissey in a November of 2017 interview.

This he said in a past Infowars interview. “And now they just throw it away. I think that’s sad.” While this offended some snowflakes, what we are seeing today only confirms his words.

Germany is getting sick of Islam invading the culture, yet it is being forced upon them.

He and others have displayed how multiculturalism is only making things horrible for the existing culture and the German tv is now being written with the lean strong towards Islam.

If this to be the future of the West? Are we to lose the facts of the Bible and trade those for rumors from the Middle East?

If so, there is a lot to be concerned about in the European Union.

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