PUBLISHED: 6:42 PM 14 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 9:27 PM 14 Feb 2017

WATCH: Shocking Video Leaked, Cultural Appropriation Agenda Proven As Democrats Finally Admit It

female suicide1

It is difficult to watch…

“Radical Islam” are the magic words liberals use to try to justify their continuing dedication to help Muslims. In order to succeed, they need people to believe that terrorists are a small subset of the population but that Islam as a whole is a peaceful religion.

Facts defy this belief, more members of Islam than not believe in jihad. Taking recent events into account, the profile of a lonely young man as the one to watch, becomes less likely. Females and young children aretaking part in terrorist attacks, reducing claims of radical extremists to pure rhetoric.

We can no longer look at a group and assume the women and children are not dangerous. They are an important part of a culture that demands complete devotion and a fanatical dedication. All children are indoctrinated from birth. Males are raised to be superior; women are lowly and subject to the whims of the men in their society.

Terror groups are taking advantage of the outside world’s disbelief that women and children are terrorists as well. Refugees who are female or young are often automatically allowed access where young men might not be. The same holds true for travel. ISIS and Al-Qaeda know this and have begun using it to exploit our weaknesses.

Traditionally seen as inferior, female ISIS have been confined to support roles and kept away from the battlefield. Due to increased scrutiny of males, tactics have changed and women are being used as weapons more often.

The Paris attacks in September of last year involved the first known all female ISIS cell. Four women aged between 19 and 39, were involved. Two of the women had been listed as potential security risks by French intelligence agencies after attempting to reach Syria to join ISIS. A third was married to a militant shot dead by police on the outskirts of Paris in June, after he stabbed two police officials to death at their home.

National media appeared shocked with the fact that women were responsible. But Paris was not the first time that this strategy has been employed.

February of 2016 saw reports from Nigeria where two female suicide bombers between the ages of 17 and 20 blew themselves up, killing at least 58 people.

female suicide2

This has become an increasingly common occurence

In August 2016, ISIS deployed at least one female suicide bomber in Libya. In October, 10 alleged female attackers were arrested in Morocco. All were teenagers who had sworn allegiance to ISIS. According to officials, they were in possession of bomb-making material.

In December, twin bombings struck Nigeria yet again, killing at least 31 people at a market. The attack was also carried out by two women.

Palestine and Asia have historically not been opposed to using females in the battlefield. Neither has the terror group Boko Haram in West Africa. Islamic countries, standing firm that females must remain in the home to support their men and raise the next generation, rarely used women on the front lines.

However, times are changing for the terrorists. ISIS has lost significant ground in Libya, and its core territory in Iraq and Syria is now threatened. These recent developments, along with increased security around the world, have forced a change in strategy.

Every method available must be used to defeat their enemies so ISIS and Al-Qaeda are beginning to use women and children on a more regular basis.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a senior lecturer in the department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University, expresses disbelief; “Women are not supposed to blow themselves up. They are supposed to stay at home and give birth – “preferably to boys” – and care for their families. Blowing themselves up goes against the grain of Islamic society – at least it used to.”

A new video has surfaced showing the extent of changes in behavior by Islamists as they train their children, particularly females for a future of sacrifice.

The video shows a mother and father preparing their young children to serve on a suicide mission. The 7 and 9 year old girls are quiet as their father asks the mother if the two are old enough for jihad.

Chillingly the mother replies, “No one is too young for jihad, because now jihad is the duty of every Muslim.”

The video confirms not only the presence of female child suicide bombers but also the notion that terrorists are not the outcasts of Muslims but are the “norm.”

Tragically, the video proved to be just the beginning. Later that day, a girl, the same age as the ones in the video, walked into a Damascus police station and blew herself up.

These new tactics by terrorists simply prove the dangerousness of the refugee situations. Unfortunately it is also evidence that men, the undisputed leaders in the Muslim culture, are not ashamed to use women as bombers anymore.

Muslim women are raised to submit, they serve not only their God but all the men in their lives as well. Their identity is taken away at birth and they are given one considered appropriate as they get older. From a western culture, it is difficult to understand the cult beliefs that drive their religion.

female suicide3

The new type of terrorist we are facing

It is an unfortunate truth, but we must accept their willingness to die so that we can develop ways to stop them. Their religion demands and rewards sacrifice and that may be the most difficult nad most important part for us to try and understand.