PUBLISHED: 6:07 PM 16 Nov 2017

WATCH: People Take To Social Media As Users Look Up At Sky, See Breathtaking Sight

Strange Lights are Seen in the Sky Across the World November 15th.

Strange Lights are Seen in the Sky Across the World November 15th.

At 11:00 pm eastern standard time, half of Europe jumped to social media to look for answers as something spectacular was occurring in the night sky. When the responsible are asleep and the dreamers are star gazing, one peculiar star fell down to say hello.

This shooting star was so strange and bizarre, masses of people took to the internet to find out if the spacemen are benevolent. The occurrence included a trail of bright lights and a spectacular glowing orb.

Residents of Western Germany and Eastern France have taken to Twitter to report sightings of a mysterious bright light streaking across the sky into France.

With France and Germany, residents of Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein joined in to witness the fantastic phenomenon. Over 200 reports came in under 3 hours.

Spectators used the twitter hash tag #Sternschnuppe, meaning shooting star, in hopes of finding an answer. The International Meteor Organization (IMO) ran an analysis of the object.

The International Meteor Agency is headed by Dr. Jürgen Rendtel of the Leibniz-Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam. Dr. Rendtel claims it is to be the first of many to come.

The doctor puts forth the theory that it’s a late member of the Taurid Meteor shower. The Taurid meteor shower occurs every three years.

The north Taurid were supposed to peak about 10 days ago. The Leonid meteor shower is scheduled to peak by the 17th. The Leonids are caused by debris from the comet Tempel-Tuttle, which has a 33-year orbit around the Sun.

This meteor shower is so named for the Leo constellation. Constellation Leo is the region of the sky where the shootings stars appear to originate.

In reality the Earth is moving through the trail left behind by Tempel-Tuttle. As the comet moves around the sun, it heats up and gasses start expanding. Chunks and pieces fly off and continue their orbit.

Other fireballs have been spotted over Bordeaux, France and the US state of Arizona, but they have been ruled as unrelated to the Taurid event due to their steep trajectory. Video of the Arizona event has, too, been posted online:

German air traffic control has commented that all they know is the event was not an aircraft. The sighting can not be attributed to a plane or the Taurid meteor shower. It could be the Leonids. The fireball seen in Arizona may shed some more light on these lights.

Residents of Phoenix, Arizona were subject to a bright blinding flash. This was approximately 4 seconds of day light in the dead of night.

The capitol city of Arizona has tweeted out video that was captured by security cameras around the city. The footage shows 2 distinct fireballs. The video also clearly shows the two objects simply disappearing above the cloud line.

The American Meteor Society reported there were 77 reported sightings over Arizona last night. Last year, residents of Tucson said they could feel their house shake and a hear a large resounding boom from space.

Arizona is no stranger to falling skies. The fantastic meteor crater was created by an extremely large space rock crashing into the earth 50,000 years ago. Phoenix is familiar with lights in the night sky and is prepared such events. The infamous Phoenix lights are still fresh in every one’s mind.

Germany and France have some of the oldest recorded UFO sightings. The Nuremberg, Germany UFO Battle of 1561 was recorded in a newspaper and is also rumored to have aided in secret Nazi technology.

Nuremberg newspaper depicts battle that took place over head. (1561)

Die Glocke, or The Bell, is a rumored technological breakthrough involving time travel and anti-gravity. There is no evidence such a device ever existed. The Kecksburg craft does, however, bear a remarkable resemblance to The Bell.

If such a craft was created could it be possible that other carriers of time travel have also been realized. Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist that help build our revolutionary knowledge of storing and moving energy in the form of alternating current.

In a Freedom of Information Act request filed on the scientist, the FBI has released a case file on the native-born Serbian.  In the files we see a familiar name. The renowned electrical engineer and uncle to the 45th president, John G. Trump.

The FBI enlisted his help to go through the personal belongings of Tesla upon his death in 1943. After the investigation he received all files and papers.

Whatever the case, this was a spectacular event that people across the world were watching. However, some questions do remain. For right now, it was a nice scene for people to gaze upon.