PUBLISHED: 4:34 PM 5 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 9:27 PM 5 Oct 2017

WATCH: “Oppressed” NFL PLayers Snap, Turn Their Rage On Fans As Protests Escalate

Marcus Peters wants to make statements, not hear them.

Marcus Peters wants to make statements, not hear them.

Marcus Peters wants to make statements, not hear them.

NFL players seem determined to ostracize and/or insult their fans. The protests and kneeling were enough to force many from tuning in to games. Lifelong fans were burning tickets and gear, bars began refusing to air games, and NFL ratings plummeted even further. Then several players went one step beyond and failed to stand Monday night, just after the tragic Las Vegas shooting.

Now two videos are circulating on social media showing these poor “oppressed” millionaires snapping and turning their rage on fans. Do they not realize that their salaries depend on these same fans?

Last Monday night during a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Washington Redskins, a player from each team erupted in profanity towards some hecklers.

Chief Defensive back Marcus Peters received some likely harsh criticism after letting a Redskins’ player score a 44-yard touchdown. The angry player is heard yelling “F**k you bi**h,” and then seen slamming his helmet to the ground.

As a side note, Peters was one of three offensive ignorants who sat on the bench this Monday after the mass shooting.

A separate video shows Redskins wide receiver Terrell Pryor getting irate at people heckling him as he walked towards the tunnel that leads to the locker rooms. Pryor flips off the crowd, raises his helmet as if to throw it, and yells “F**k.” A staff member quickly rushes to try and calm the angry Pryor and get him into the tunnel.

These types of outbursts are against the rules of how NFL players are supposed to conduct themselves. Of course, decorum hasn’t exactly stopped these players before. We will stay tuned to see how the NFL responds to this most recent development.

Source: Breitbart