Lt. Gov. Destroys CNN

PUBLISHED: 4:44 PM 22 Nov 2021

Watch New Lt. Gov. Of Virginia Confound and Silence CNN Propaganda

Beautifully done.

Nice! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The new Lt. Governor of Virginia, Winsome Sears, went on CNN and totally destroyed the pre-planned propaganda.

Conservative Treehouse wrote:

Holy smokes, this lady is impressive.  Virginia Lt. Governor-Elect Winsome Sears appears on CNN’s State of the Union show hosted by Dana Bash.

Dana Bash throws out several DNC leftist talking points in an effort to corner Winsome Sears, but the incoming Lieutenant Governor was having none of the nonsense. From the infrastructure bill, to Critical Race Theory, to COVID and vaccine propaganda, Ms. Winsome Sears just pummels the talking points of the political left.

When questioned about Virginia receiving benefits from the Biden infrastructure bill for broadband expansion, Sears points out the leftist infrastructure bill only permits money for broadband in Virginia regions with expanding immigrant populations, vis-a-vis illegal aliens.  The illegal alien residency is a requirement for the money, so how does that benefit Southwest Virginians?   Dana Bash is speechless.

When questioned about CRT in schools, Bash attempts the parseltongue framework that CRT is not “officially” in the curriculum.  Mrs Sears points out the specifics of where CRT does actually exist in the Democrat curriculum.  Dana Bash is uncomfortable, visibly uncomfortable, and speechless.

When questioned about COVID vaccinations for children, and the private personal vaccination status of Mrs. Sears herself, well, Winsome Sears just pummels the premise with facts, reason, science and the foundational block of liberty.  John King’s ex-wife shrinks.  Then comes the Rittenhouse mic drop at the end…

Plain talk…. heart talk…. strong talk…. Virginia has done very well with Winsome Sears.

Mrs. Sears is a communist Democrat’s worst nightmare.  The political left must be extremely fearful of this woman.