Durham Indictments Coming?

PUBLISHED: 8:18 PM 1 Mar 2021

Watch Navarro Says RussiaGate Indictments Coming From Durham Probe

This would be good, but many people think the number should be in the hundreds.

Good! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Yesterday morning, Peter Navarro said that at least three indictments were coming from the Durham probe in the RussiaGate scandal. Many people think that the number should be in the hundreds, not single digits, but that this point, most Americans believe that nothing will happen anyway.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Peter Navarro Guarantees At Least Three Indictments From John Durham Investigation, Along With Current FBI Resignations

A very bold statement from former White House Senior Advisor Peter Navarro on television this morning. Appearing with Maria Bartiromo, Navarro said he “guarantees there will be at least three criminal indictments” as a result of the Durham investigation.

Navarro also shares that President Trump’s CPAC speech will be a “full-throated defense of populist economic nationalism”, and Navarro eviscerates a host of internal advisors who he views as not being in alignment with the priorities of the America First agenda.