Mobs of Floridians could be seen looting across the state in the hurricane's aftermath.

Mobs of Floridians could be seen looting across the state in the hurricane’s aftermath.

Florida is finally starting to get back to normal as floodwaters recede and the storm moves on. But over the past several days, a rash of looting has broken out across the disaster-stricken state. Bystanders have filmed several groups that exhibit mob behavior, smashing and grabbing anything they can get their hands on.

Some of the most popular items being stolen by the looters include athletic sneakers and television sets. One Footlocker store was completely demolished after windows were broken and the inventory ransacked. Another group raided a Walmart and made off with high-dollar electronics.

Florida police were on the scene and ready to defend businesses from these opportunistic criminals. Group arrests were made across the hardest hit areas on Monday and Tuesday, with dozens of suspects being rounded up and booked on felony charges.


While most Floridians are being good neighbors and helping one another restore their lives, a small segment of the population is hellbent on profiting from others’ misery. Thankfully the men and women in Florida law enforcement are there to see that they won’t get away with it.