PUBLISHED: 9:36 PM 15 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:38 PM 15 Dec 2017

WATCH: Former Ambassador RIPS FBI Apart, DEMANDS Congress Take Action

Former Ambassador John Bolton wants Congress to make Deputy AG Rosenstein cooperate.

Former Ambassador John Bolton wants Congress to make Deputy AG Rosenstein cooperate.

Former Ambassador John Bolton ripped apart Special Council lead Robert Mueller, Former FBI Director James Comey, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein today. His concern, along with many others, is that the FBI conspired to clear Hillary Clinton of her criminal actions in the 2016 email investigation.

Bolton addressed the issue of Deputy AG Rosenstein’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee;

And I have to say when Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein testified a couple of days ago he said he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Mueller’s investigation. He’s been in the government too long.”

The release of hundreds of text messages showing clear bias between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page started a sort of domino effect. As those were investigated it came to light that Strzok was also behind changing the wording of Comey’s statement so Hillary would be cleared of any wrongdoing.

It has long been suspected that the FBI played a major part in Hillary escaping justice multiple times. Now we are finally seeing the proof and Bolton is one of many calling for all resources to be directed to the investigations;

“This was a very mishandled affair… Congress has got to get into this. They have to wield the financial arm against the Justice Department. If they don’t get answers from Deputy Attorney General they should cut off his travel money, cut off his salary.”

Bolton believes that the Deputy AG’s insistence that the FBI is doing an adequate job with their investigations despite all the mounting proof, indicates his own bias.

Bolton wants Congress to essentially cut off all resources to Rosenstein until he cooperates fully. That would include taking away all travel money and salary.

The former ambassador states that the changing of Comey’s statement is all the proof needed that there was bias. More lawmakers are beginning to feel that way. A full-scale investigation into the FBI is looming on the horizon at this rate. That would likely lead to another, actually unbiased look at Clinton’s actions.

Perhaps Washington is finally headed in the right direction for justice.

Source: Gateway Pundit