PUBLISHED: 3:48 PM 11 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 5:01 PM 11 Dec 2017

WATCH: Antifa Thugs Confront Memorial Marchers, But Then Biased Police Step In

Antifa on the wrong side of the street and nothing is done. Notice the look on the officer's face (far left).

Antifa on the wrong side of the street and nothing is done. Notice the look on the officer’s face (far left).

Recently it was discovered that police were a huge part of the problem in the violence in Charlottesville, including the death of Heather Heyer. Investigators revealed that police failed to act and officials did not have a coordinated plan in place. That should have been a wakeup call for authorities when dealing with Antifa groups and other protesters.

The biased police in Portland, OR got the memo and stepped in over the weekend when a memorial protest for murder victim Kate Steinle turned violent as Antifa showed up to confront them.

Police may have stepped in but they made the incident considerably worse for the memorial protesters while Antifa escaped unscathed.

Patriot Prayer, led by Joey Gibson, is known to be the area’s primary collection of the president’s supporters. This rally was not about President Trump though, it was about Kate Steinle. She was murdered in cold blood on the streets of San Francisco by a five-time deported illegal alien who recently escaped justice and was found not guilty.

Naturally, Antifa couldn’t let this rally go by without showing up to disrupt.

The video shows the fight already started so it isn’t clear who started the brawl. What is clear is the Patriot Prayer members are doing their share of winning, perhaps that is why the police were so quick to jump in.

Only one person was arrested during this altercation and it was a Prayer member nicknamed Tiny. The man was pepper sprayed and booked on charges of disorderly conduct, harassment, and assault IV charges. Portland Police Sergeant Chadd Stensgaard can be seen berating Tiny, telling him to stay on his side of the street.

Antifa are filmed rushing to the rally’s “side of the street” and they are not confronted by the police.

Meanwhile, you can also see Antifa going toe to toe with the police, swearing and pushing into them and yet not a single one was arrested. Liberal hypocrisy strikes again.

This whole conflict makes it clear, police are now involving themselves in these types of protests. The problem with that is that is many of these cities are run by liberals and the policies set certainly do not favor conservatives. So when police do intervene, as in this situation, the outcome is often worse.

Source: The Gateway Pundit