Afghan Refugee Attack

PUBLISHED: 3:21 PM 29 Nov 2021

Watch: Afghan ‘Refugee’ Killed Charging Cops With Knife, Screaming “Akbar” Phrase

‘Peaceful’ refugees brought to the country by the Biden regime.

Bringing in terrorists... thanks to democrats. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

An Afghan refugee was killed while attacking police in San Francisco, screaming the terrorist phrase that gives credit for murdering innocent people to the Muslim deity.

Citizen Free Press reported:

A former Afghan interpreter resettled in California by the federal government was shot and killed last week after charging San Francisco police with a butcher knife and chanting “Allahu Akbar.”

In bodycam footage, 41-year old Ajmal Amani can be seen rushing two police officers with a knife at a residential hotel in south San Francisco. The Afghan citizen can be clearly heard yelling the Islamist phrase in the bodycam, a development that suggests a terrorist motive in the attack.

Watch footage of the shooting here, which occurred after hotel guests and employees reported being threatened by Amani with the knife.  “As Mr. Amani closed the distance, officer 1 and officer 2 fired their respective weapons, striking Mr. Amani. Mr. Amani fell to the ground with the knife nearby him,” a San Francisco Police Department spokesman said of the shooting.