PUBLISHED: 3:26 PM 16 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 4:47 PM 16 Mar 2017

Washington Post Slanders Conservative Outlets In White House, Calling Them “Extremist” & “Racist”

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Fred Lucas is the journalist who inspired the Post to ask some vicious questions

The public doesn’t often consider how they get news from the president and his administration. Many don’t realize, there are an elite number of journalists considered White House Correspondents.

Officially recognized as beginning in the early 1900’s, the briefing room is run differently today. At least once a week the White House Press Secretary, currently Sean Spicer, hosts a news briefing in the press room. Seating 49, with room for standing as well, each seat is assigned to a news outlet.

Generally, the organizations change correspondents with new presidents. Often the journalist who covered the winning candidate during an election will then be selected to represent his or her media organization in the White House. For at least the past decade, the news outlets who are given assigned seats has changed little.

Enter President Trump, a man determined to shake up Washington. He may or may not have eventually changed the way White House briefings work; we never got the chance to find out. The mainstream media, outlets such as ABC, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times, attacked the new president with the tenacity of a pack of wild dogs.

Allowing no room for impartial reporting, every action that President Trump made was considered wrong. He was painted as an evil man and the liberal media did all they could to promote that idea. This quickly became the era of “fake news.”

If nothing else, President Trump is a man of action. While he gave the media a chance to change, he also waged a war, not willing to be silent through the barrage of insulting stories.

He eventually realized that the media would not alter their plan of vendetta, so he took a more drastic step. For those who had been disgusted with the liberal media bias, it was a triumph when many of the more vicious news outlets found themselves barred from the briefing room.

The New York Times, CNN, and the LA Times stood in bewilderment outside the press conference. Others such as the Associated Press refused to attend to show solidarity. Meanwhile, more conservative news journalists were allowed entry, some for the very first time.

Allowing journalists from Breitbart, The Daily Signal, and The Washington Times into White House briefings seemed to cause mainstream media to break down. The complaints coming from the journalists who had been attacking the president for months were brutal.

Davan Maharaj, editor of the LA Times stated it was “unfortunate that the Los Angeles Times has been excluded from a White House press briefing today. The public has a right to know, and that means being informed by a variety of news sources, not just those filtered by the White House press office in hopes of getting friendly coverage.”

He concluded with what could be considered a promise or a threat.

“Regardless of access, The Times will continue to report on the Trump administration without fear or favor.”

Now, in a new angle, The Washington Post has decided to ask, “What’s A Legitimate News Outlet?”

According to the Post, a new journalist in a White House briefing is raising concerns, with them at least, about the line between “partisan and media.”

“The pool reporter covering Vice President Pence on Thursday — that is, the reporter who supplied details about Pence’s daily activities as proxy for the rest of the press corps — was an employee of the Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank. In other words, the news that reporters received about the vice president came from a journalist employed by an organization with a vested interest in the direction of White House and federal policy.”

For anyone keeping track, the undeniably-biased Post questioning a journalist’s ability to be fair, is nothing short of comedic. Even during the campaign, the Post was blatantly skewed to the left.

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The election season showed a clear bias towards the left

The new face in the crowd causing all the uproar was Fred Lucas, journalist for the Daily Signal. The concerned outlet claimed they didn’t object to Lucas, they simply questioned his ability to be neutral. Andrew Seaman, a Reuters reporter stated;

“The short answer is that it’s concerning that news organizations with a clear and stated bias are serving as the eyes and ears of the White House press corps, regardless of their political leaning. In a perfect world, only news organizations with editorial independence and proven track records of reliability should be able to provide pool reports for the White House or any other government agency or official.”

Feel free to laugh. It is the only response to such clear hypocrisy. More alarming were the comparisons that the Post took liberties to make.

“The Daily Signal’s inclusion in the pool could set a precedent for other advocacy organizations… These groups could argue that they, too, qualify for White House press credentials and pool shifts. The slope could become even more slippery if extremist or racist organizations sought similar status.”

The double insult was clear. The Daily Signal is biased and possibly racist and the president would continue his favoritism, letting even more “extreme” news outlets into the White House. While the Daily Signal is definitely a right-leaning group, there are very few, if any, news organizations that don’t have some political bias.

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Jeff Bezos can hardly be considered neutral

Case in point, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and recent purchaser of The Washington Post. MSNBC reports;

“Bezos has been described by friends as a libertarian, but he’s given donations to mostly Democrats and a few Republicans. That includes Democratic Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of his home state of Washington, in addition to Democratic Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont and Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan.”

Somehow, that doesn’t equate to a Democratic or liberal bias though, at least according to the Washington Post.

Mainstream media is wrapped in their own version of liberal denial. The White House is changing and more and more of America is supporting that. The public is beginning to get a clearer view through the biased haze that has settled on the country in the past eight years.

As that disperses, President Trump gains in popularity and so does putting America first. Sooner rather than later, media outlets will be forced to choose; continue biased reporting or begin doing the job of an actual journalist.