WaPo Goes Super Bowl

PUBLISHED: 7:32 PM 3 Feb 2019

Washington Post Buys Million Dollar Super Bowl Ad For One Reason

The message will focus on democracy (which means mob rule) and how ‘journalists’ defend it.

The propaganda machine is in full swing.

In an unprecedented act, the Washington Post, purveyor of biased news, has decided to create and air a commercial during the Super Bowl.

The theme: Democracy dies in darkness.

Of course, no one seems to question the fact that ‘democracy’ in its original definition simply means mob rule. Or that democrats have always supported that sort of ‘mob rule.’

Mon rule kept slavery legal in the United States. However, the REPUBLIC that was established by the founders made it possible for abolitionists to outweigh the majority who wanted to keep slavery thriving.

The same is true for the Civil Rights movement. The “majority’ (read ‘mob of democrats’) was opposed to the movement, but because of the way the United States republic is set-up, right was able to prevail. Just ask Republican Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The liberal masters over at the Washington Post have decided to air a 60-second Super Bowl commercial during the fourth quarter, shortly before the two minute warning.

The ostensible reason: trick ignorant people into believing that ‘journalists’ somehow protect individual freedom through ‘democracy.’

That’s a lie.

“According to the news outlet, the ad is narrated by actor Tom Hanks and the message focuses on the danger journalists face. Hanks was chosen as the voice for the ad because of his role as former WaPo Executive Editor Ben Bradlee.

So, because an actor who played an editor in a movie tells you something, it must be the truth, right?

“The ad includes Images of freelance reporter Austin Tice who has been missing in Syria for six years; freelance columnist Jamal Khashoggi who was killed at the Saudi Arabian Consulate in October; and American War correspondent Marie Colvin who was killed by Syrian forces in 2012.”

These incidents occurred because of “mob rule,” otherwise known as democracy.

“The Super Bowl is a remarkable moment to recognize the courage and commitment of journalists around the world that is so essential to our democracy,” claimed Fred Ryan, publisher and CEO of The Washington Post.

“We decided to seize the opportunity to make this a milestone moment in our ongoing campaign. This was a chance for a broader message about the role journalists play in our everyday lives and the risks they take to bring us the facts.”

What he really means is that the paper is losing readership daily and the mainstream media is losing credibility.

In fact, it’s so dire that WaPo is apparently willing to drop possibly $10 million on the time slot.

The mainstream media has a vested interest in supporting and enhancing the ignorance of voters concerning ‘democracy,’ and this is just the latest chance to further that goal.